Buying Guide – Wooden Balance Bike for Toddlers

Today, there are a lot of choices for the parents who are looking at purchasing bikes for their toddlers. The market is filled with different styles and brands of bikes. Balance bikes are the best thing you can choose for your toddler. Wooden balance bikes are preferred by most parents because they are eco-friendly, made of renewable birch wood. These types of bikes are also loved for their unique look. Most of the manufacturers paint these bikes with different designs and pictures. However, there are specific factors that you need to consider to ensure that you are purchasing the best wooden balance bike for your kid.

The first criterion for purchasing wooden balance bike for your toddler is the quality. Having a quality wooden balance bike will help your child have confidence as they ride the bike. The kid’s motor skills will also increase fast.

The color of the wooden balance bike should also be considered. Most of the manufacturers only have bikes with two or three colors. Every parent should choose a bike supplier who has a wide variety of colors to choose from. It will give your kid the freedom to choose what they really want instead of settling for the color that is available.

Does the wooden balance bike have puncture-proof tires? This is a question every parent should pose before making a final decision on the bike they are going to buy. It is always advisable to find a manufacturer who provides wooden balance bikes with puncture proof tires. Most of the kids who cycle in open places are at a risk of getting a flat tire. Pieces of glass and other dangerous objects can flatten the bike’s tire thus stopping the kid riding. The flat tire could even cause the kid to hurt themselves.

The best wooden balance bike is the one with an adjustable seat. Balance bikes are most appropriate for the kids who are between the ages of between one to five years. You should, therefore, be able to adjust the seat according to the kid’s size as they grow. A bike with an adjustable seat can be used for over four years. There will be no need for purchasing bigger bikes for your toddlers.

Footrests are also important aspects to be considered when one is looking for a wooden balance bike. The main reason for buying balance bikes is to teach young children how to maintain balance on two wheels. Balance bikes are ridden by pushing off and gliding on the bike, unlike the other bikes where you have to pedal. To ensure excellent support for your kid when riding, look for a wooden balance bike that has adequate footrests.

The age and size of your toddler are essential factors to consider when buying wooden balance bike. As we have mentioned above, wooden balance bikes can be used by the kids who are between the ages of one to five years. This means that these bikes are available in different sizes. You should, therefore, purchase a wooden balance bike that matches the size of your toddler. Kids will not feel comfortable riding bikes that are either too small or too large.

It is also important to consider the weight of the wooden balance bike. A very light bike will ensure that your toddler feels confident and in control. The rider will also be able to maneuver over obstacles such as rocks and sidewalks without any challenge.

Different manufacturers offer wooden balance bikes at different prices. With these types of balance bikes, you get what you pay for. It is therefore essential to consider the specification listed by the manufacturer before you purchase the bike. You should buy from a retailer who offers the wooden balance bike at an affordable price.

Every toddler deserves to have fun. Buying them a wooden balance bike is one way of ensuring that your kid enjoys their childhood. Considering the above factors will ensure that you buy the best wooden balance bike for your kid.