From the moment the Windsor Wellington arrived in the market, it remains top of the customers’ preferred list. You definitely want to know “Why?” The answer will be because of its superior features and high-class materials. The bike is well equipped with strong aero shaped aluminum frame, a comfortable CroMoly fork, plenty of gears and aluminum brakes. The complete outlook is really stunning and perfect choice for every rider.



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Top Features of Windsor Wellington Road Bike

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

This Windsor bike comes with a new 6061 aluminum frame. The frame is double-butted alloy with aero shapes. As the frame materials are aluminum, normally it can be said that weight is pretty light. The frame is also durable as well. Again, it has added multi shaped tubing. These combinations obviously boost the bike’s overall performance.

Wide Range of Gears

This bike has plenty of gearing option to set up your speed in different surfaces. The SHIMANO SL-A050 shifters with 21 speeds will offer you to drive your bike in a great speed. The number of gears is useful to adjust with the speed without giving much effort and you may check for more sports blog.

Aluminum Brakes

Now, let’s check out the brakes! With the great gears tools, the brakes should also be up to the level. That’s why the Windsor Wellington comes with powerful brakes. It has aluminum dual pivot brakes.

These brakes are quite great because you have the power to stop your bike at once. But, the most impressive feature is that your bike will not have anycollision with the surface when you are stopping it.

Comfortable Suspension

The suspension fork is one of the most important parts of a bike because it assures riders comfort.  The suspension fork is in front and it is DuraForteTaperBladeCroMoly.  Now come to the point of its comfort. And I can recommend that it never frustrates you. No matter where you go and whatever the surface is! It has the power to absorb any kinds of shocks.

Rims, Wheels and Chain

With better quality gears and brakes, the quality of wheels and rims are commendable. The rims are black double-butted alloy and model is DA14 700 x 14G x 36H. The spokes of rims are made of stainless steel. And the wheels are as usual, and quality is maintained perfectly.

The chain is another key tool of speed. The chain is KMC Z-51 and made of steel.

The Outlooks

The design of the Windsor Wellington is quite brilliant. It does not look like actually traditional road bike. The manufacturer tried something different to attract the customers and I think they are quite successful. I personally like this bike because of its stunning outlook and you will like it too.

Multi sizing option and colors

It has two different colors, and they are black and yellow. Black always looks good and yellow is attractive as well as bright.
It has 5 sizes available for black edition and 6 different sizes for yellow edition. So, you have the ability to select the desired color and perfect size.

  1. The bike is made of high quality components and all the materials are durable.
  2. Bike’s price is reasonable and affordable range for all customers.
  3. Great choice for recreational ridings and daily use also.
  4. The components are adjustable if you want to upgrade any of them.
  5. It’s pleasure to have multi sizing option.
  6. It comes with two stunning colors.
  7. The overall outlook is stylish.
  1. Gears don’t work much well, took some delay when it’s going to be changed for one more times
  2. Tires are not up to the level we expect. But it’s quite okay compared with other ordinary road bikes

Price Details

Price is quite reasonable. If you compare the price with the bike’s features, it is quite worthy I should say. To know more about the price, Click here.

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Customer Opinions

As I intend to give you best possible information, I have searched for customer opinions in different websites and I read out many customer reviews. In many comments, I have seen that people are much contented about the bike quality. People are preferred this bike over the times.  What I have seen that people like its features and are satisfied with its price. Some allegations are also seen that is for not having upper quality brakes and paddles.

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Where To Buy

You can buy it through the Internet. Many online retail shops are available for buying and selling this bike. I won’t prefer you for any specific website,but you can take help from Amazon. They are well renowned, and service quality is commendable. If you want to buy it only sitting in your bed, go through the websites and order this item.

Assemble Guide

Though 90 percent of parts are adjusted with bike, still some of the parts need to be assembled. Detail information tools are provided with box and a buying guidebook also given with it. You can take help from the book or you can call a professional mechanic.

If you want to assemble the bike at home, follow these instructions given below:

1. Open the box and take out the components
2. Attach the quick release rods with front wheel
3. Install the fork
4. Brakes need to be adjusted
5. Adjust other tools if any upgrade needed

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

Question: I am entry level bike rider. Is this road bike good for me?
Answer: The Windsor Wellington is definitely perfect bike for you. And this is also good for the intermediate and pro level riders.

Question: How can I select the perfect size for me?
Answer: There are websites about the sizing guide. You can get help from the Google or Amazon size chart.

Question: Which tool I should use for assembling?
Answer: You can use a Hex wrenches. It’s better tool than others.

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Final Verdict

At the end of part, it can be recommended that this bike is perfect for the every road bike lover. For daily communication purpose or pastimes riding, it’s one of the best bikes ever.

Though some faults are found in gears and paddles, overall performance is far better than other traditional road bike. If you ask me about price, I will say it’s almost a cheaper bike. So, don’t hesitate, you can try it.

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