Tips For Cycling On Busy Roads

There is no doubt cycling is one of the best methods to commute especially if you live in a busy city. You can cruise within the traffic congestion making the people inside the car angry at you. Not only cycling is beneficial for your overall health and well-being but you can get to your destination without having to sit idly in traffic. Today, we will be taking a look at some tips that will make your commute much more pleasant especially on a busy road. Regardless, of where you are commuting to, be it to work or to school, you will find these tips extremely helpful. So, without further ado let’s just dive into it!

Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones:

The title says it all. You should think about getting a pair of noise-canceling headphones to block out the road noise. Make sure you get a headphone which connects using Bluetooth so that you don’t have to bother with the wires. You can listen to your favorite podcast or music whilst cruising through the traffic. The noise-canceling element will help you get rid of excessive honking noise which is very common on busy roads. Most of these Bluetooth headphones have a control panel on the headphone itself. So you can hit play or pause without having to take out your phone and can receive calls hands-free.


Bike lights should be a permanent addition to your road bike. According to law, as soon as daylight starts fading, you need to have white front light and red rear light on your bike. Bike Lights can dramatically boost your visibility to other user, which will ultimately decrease the chance of accident drastically.

You know how unpredictable weather can be, right? Having lights on your bike can ensure your smooth journey even in rough weather like in dark, clouds and showers. And I recommend you not to settle for anything less than best bike lights.

Apparel & Accessories:

No, I am not talking about cycle accessories to enhance and customize your cycle. But I am talking about accessories for yourself. You need to carry or wear some accessories especially when you are cycling on busy roads. Wear an undershirt when you are cycling. The undershirt will absorb all the sweat and your main t-shirt will remain spot and sweat free. Carry a towel inside your backpack, so once you reach your destination you can quickly get rid of that undershirt and clean and wash your body. You can also carry a deodorant if you feel like.

Wearing a sung lass and a cap is almost a necessity when you are cycling. Busy roads can be tricky to navigate through. You don’t want to hit other cars as you are blinded by the glare of the hot sun. Sunglass will protect your eyes from dust and other particles that may ruin your cycling experience or force you to stop to rub your eyes.So do make sure you wear a cap and a sun-glass.

And lastly, wear a face mask. This is one of the most undermined pieces of accessory that every cyclist tend to neglect. Especially, when you are cycling in busy roads you are likely to be surrounded by cars and other vehicles. These vehicles emit harmful carbon monoxide which can be detrimental to your health. Over-inhaling carbon monoxide can lead to severe health consequences. There is no benefit of cycling your way through to your destination and probably saving some time if you reach there and feel very sick due to inhalation of these harmful gases.

Rear View Mirror:

Now, rear-view mirrors are something that is despised by cyclists. I was one of the bunch who disliked the idea of having a rear view mirror my cycle. But riding through very crowded roads made me realize that having these mirrors are a blessing. Yes, I do agree rear view mirrors sometimes look dumb on cycles. But it isn’t dumb if it’s helpful. You can get easy swap mirrors and can take them off if you feel like it. But do consider getting one as it will enhance your riding experience in a busy road and you can avoid hitting other vehicles whilst trying to get in through a tricky space.


To conclude the article what I must definitely suggest you is to ride safely. Regardless of the condition of the road keep your eyes sharp. And try not to take calls while cycling, standby the road and receive calls. Every year hundreds of thousands of cyclists get into accidents and trust me you don’t want to get into that list. Always wear your helmet and other safety accessories. Always check your cycle before commuting, whether the gears are intact and whether the breaks are working fine.

Overall, these are some of the tips I feel every cyclist should know especially when they are cycling on a busy road. Feel free to share these tips with your fellow cyclist friends and apply them yourself.