Review Of Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike


The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is distributed by Kent International Inc. Kent International Inc is a reputed American company that imports and distributes high quality bicycles and bicycle spare parts. This road bike is quite different from other road bikes because unlike other road bikes which usually have multiple gears for cruise speeds it only has a single gear. The bike also has broader tires compared to other types of road bikes which usually have narrow tires meant to reduce resistance between the road and the tires. Road bikes are usually made for cyclists who enjoy touring cities or countryside on well paved roads. This bike comes in handy for people who usually commute daily from home to their respective destinations e.g. workplaces or schools. The Takara Kabuto Road Bike is a great road bike that will help you maneuver about in the city with ease.

The fact that Takara Kabuto Bike does not have a multiple gears makes its maintenance a lot easier that other road bikes that have multiple gears. The bike only needs a basic form of maintenance and the good thing with it is that you can ride it anytime even during times of inclement weather. The bike possesses what is referred to as the drive train efficiency compared to the other types of multiple gear bikes you will find in the markets today.

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Features of the Takara Kabuto Single speed Road Bike

The hub

This bike has got a flip-flop hub those offering the user great versatility especially those who may want to modify it by up-grading it to a multiple gear road bike.

The frame

Its frame is carefully handcrafted making it look even more stylish and elegant. The frame is made of tough steel with horizontal dropout making it sturdier and strong meaning it is able to absorb the stress put on it by the weight of the rider and also from the shocks experienced on uneven roads. The steel frame is means that it cannot easily break due to rough roads and will instead serve you long.

The fork

The fork of the bike is also made from steel thus assuring you of its strength and ability to handle even the toughest of roads. The fork of a bike is that part of the bike that usually receives much of the shock especially when you are riding on a bumpy road. This is why you will find most bicycles with forks not made to be strong enough breaking easily.

The tires of the Bike

The bike’s tires are broader compared to those of a standard road bike that generally have narrow tires meant to reduce resistance on the road for them to achieve great speeds. With larger tires the bike feels more comfortable to ride on as the tires are able to absorb shock even better. It uses the 700c×32 Kenda tires in both its front and rear wheel.

The brakes of the bike

This  bike features impressive front and rear side pull brakes that are made of alloy making them strong and durable too. After purchasing the bike it is wise to adjust them to your preferred specifications. The handle levers of the brakes feel so comfortable when held due to the plastic material used in their making.

General performance

The bike is quite comfortable to ride on particularly on city roads that are well paved making it a very good bike to be used for day to day commuting to and from work. The broad tires of the road bike are enables it to brake perfectly well and also be safe to be ridden even in wet weather without worrying of skidding.

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  • Its frame and fork is made of tough steel making strong and durable.
  • It comes at a really affordable price.
  • It can be easily upgraded to a multispeed road bike if need arises.
  • Is just so easy to assemble.
  • The bike’s tires are large and even thicker than a standard road bike’s tires something that offers riders increased comfort.
  • Even though it is only a single speed road bike it goes fast.
  • The bike can fit riders who are even 6 ft tall.
  • The company behind the road bike has a good customer service that is just so prompt in dealing with customer’s issues on time.
  • Features only one gear making it not a very good choice of riders who like to change while cycling.
  • It is bit heavy due to the steel frame and fork.
  • The plastic brakes wear out too soon.

Final Verdict

This is a very good entry level road bike that beginner cyclists should go for as it comes at a cost that is just so amazing. The bike can be used by cyclists who like to commute to their various destinations on a daily basis because it is a good heavy duty road bike. The strong steel frame that is twig-welded makes the bike capable of withstanding shocks usually experienced on uneven road surfaces without causing any breakage at all.  Even though Takara Kabuto single speed road bike lacks multiple gears that a cyclist can change to attain great speeds when need arises, it still can attain impressive speeds. The handlebar of the bike is made of a very strong steel rod that will not bend easily even when a rider is involved in an accident. The pedals of the road bike are also just impressive featuring alloy cage with toe clips for maximum grip of your foot on them. Another great feature of the road bike is that it has stainless steel spokes which do not rust easily but still strong too.