Shimano SH-R088 Road Shoes (black)

About Shimano SH-R088

The Shimano SH-R088 is a cycling shoe made by Shimano, Inc which is highly reputed Japanese Company that manufactures high end bicycles and cycling components and accessories. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the Company has been in the business since 1921. You can trust products produced by reputable companies such as Shimano because of the many years , they have been in the business and also the high customer rating that they have received over the years.

Shoes designed for road race cycling activities should be made in such a way that they should offer the rider the required maximum performance between his/her foot and the bicycle’s pedals. This is what ensures a rider’s advantage over other competitors and to this the Shimano R088 cycling shoe scores highly. For starters, the Shimano’s SH-R088 cycling shoes was made to offer riders two very important aspects to cyclists which are quality and comfort. Long distance riders for instance usually want high quality riding shoes that are comfortable because that is key for their overall performance. To ensure that the SH-R088 met such requirements, Shimano made the shoe’s outsole of fiberglass that has been reinforced by polyamide to offer sturdiness and comfort at the same time. It shouldn’t be forgotten though that shoe soles that are too stiff at some point time will definitely interfere with the rider’s circulation. Now Shimano addressed this problem by crafting a unique kind of technology called “Dynalast” for the soles. What this technology means is that the outsole of the shoes will make it easy for the rider’s foot to give power to the bike’s pedals but still allow free movement of the rider’s leg.


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The unique features of the Shimano SH-R088 cycling shoes

The materials used in the shoes manufacture

The Shimano 088 cycling shoes are made from high quality synthetic leather one thing that promises users of their strength and durability. The soles are made from fiberglass which has been reinforced by a material called polyamide to ensure comfort and some level of stiffness. Another good thing about the shoes is that you could also walk with them comfortably while off the bike thanks to rubbers used at each end of the soles.

The shoes ventilation

A rider’s legs are bound to sweat due to the increased physical activity occasioned by cycling and here is where most cycling shoes fail in. Most of them lack adequate ventilation that the foot needs due to sweating. The Shimano SH R088 cycling shoes are well ventilated offering the rider good air circulation needed on the feet thus reducing sweating and wetting of the socks which can make the rider’s feet feel uncomfortable. When you look on the upper part of the shoes you will notice clear holes made on the shoes acting as ventilation. On the soles of the shoes there visible are cutouts almost at the center made to provide ventilation.

The shoes soles

The sole of the SH-R088 feature what Shimano refers to as the Dynalast which they claim to help the rider’s feet to be better placed for a convenient upstroke. The soles are also low profile thus offering more stability and control to the rider. The soles are also SPD-L and SPD compatible meaning comfort and efficiency in pedaling is enhanced for riders using the cycling shoes.

Dual offset straps

The dual offset straps allow riders to adjust the shoes to where it fits them comfortably even when on the go. The straps together with the ratcheting buckle can be adjusted to a rider’s preferred fit they also ensure that the shoes fits the wearer without exerting any pressure on the legs.

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So who is the shoes ideal for?

The Shimano SH 088 cycling shoes can be used even by entry level cyclist because it actually comes at a very fair price (it can be bought from the retail store). The shoes can be used by club, hobbyist, or fitness riders. It must also be noted that the shoes are designed for male riders in particular.

Final verdict

The fact that the SH-R088 cycling shoes are made by a reputable company that manufactures top quality bicycle parts and accessories is something that should convince you about their quality and authenticity. The shoes are not just comfortable but are also made to last long meaning that your decision to buy them will be rewarded by durability. The shoes also feature extra impressive features like having ventilation and the Dynalast technology which ensures better upstroke of the cyclist.