Big Mountain 24-Speed D Hard Tail Mountain Se Bike Review


Looking for a good entry level bike in a healthy budget? Then this SE Big Mountain 24-Speed D Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle is for you! This is a stylish bike with the best quality, wonderful design and top class features. At the very beginning, some customers may be frustrated after seeing the harsh price of it, but I can bet my bottom dollar that sometimes you have to spare some amount of money to grab something special.

This bike possesses a great combination of some essential features like double butted alloy steel frame, 29-inch great wheels and 100mm travel fork. With all of these, you will enjoy a comfortable biking in an affordable price. We write a short review on this bike for presenting bike’s full features, specifications and pros and cons. So, you can read it if you are looking for some additional information regarding this bike.

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Full Technical Details At A Glance

Top Features Of Mountain Se Bike

SE Bikes Big Mountain 24 Speed Hard Tail is made for meeting all the expectations of the customers. After a thorough research, we found some great features of this bike.

Strong and Durable Frame

SE Bikes Big Mountain 24 Speed Hard Tail possesses a strong and long lasting durable frame. The SE 1 Double Butted alloy with semi-integrated is very much light in weight. Body part is much stronger as frame material is steel and it is also durable which assures long lasting service guarantee. You can put maximum control on your wheel when you are riding in any uneven trails.

Fantastic Suspension Fork

Like all hardtail mountain bike, its fork is normally placed in front. The fork is made from steel; model is HL 595SAMS 29. With 100mm travel fork, you can experience a thrilling and tire free riding because it prevents shocks and vibration from the surfaces. Even it assures, if you ride through a rough mountain trail, you will not feel pain in your backside.

24 Speed Gear Shifters

This bike has plenty of gears and that is why you can adjust your speed in different situations and surfaces.
The 24-speed-gear shifters are manufactured by Shimano, and this is useful to increase your bike’s performance in terms of speed. If you are speed fanatics or love to ride with excessive speeds, this 24-speed bike will fulfill your desires and you accelerate your bike whatever the surface is.

High Quality Disc Brakes

The brakes of this bike are providing more safety because the brakes are mechanical disc brakes and these brakes are both front and rear. Generally, mechanical disc brakes are more reliable than the linear pull brakes. So you can rely on this bike and ride in freedom in any trails you like. Again when riding in the maximum speed, you can stop your bike at once and easily can avoid high risky situations. You shouldn’t be apprehensive in the question of safety.

29 inch Bigger Wheels

The bigger the wheels, the more rolling power you have. Normally, there are three types of wheels in bikes and they are 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch. The 29-inch is the biggest in size and this bike has too. Having the biggest wheels, it’s able to roll over any uneven surfaces and overcome any obstacles come to your way. Specially, in long distance driving, rocky hills or loose surfaces, these monster wheels are mostly commendable for their efficient and snag free rolling.


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Price Details

What I have said at the very beginning of this article if you want to get something precious, you have to spare some amount of money. The price is this bike a little high but it’s not much higher. This bike is providing vast amenities of features and functions where price is not so much high. Cheap are not good always, so don’t be scrooge all the time.

  • Long lasting durable frame
  • Attractive design
  • Components are made from Shimano
  • Wheels are 29 inch
  • Price is a little high but affordable
  • Mechanical Disc brakes on both and rear wheels
  • Best quality product
  • Adjustment is easy
  • Speedy bike
  • Comparatively bigger for the people who are short
  • Front suspension coil is slightly weighty

Customers Opinion

When I searched for customers review, I found a huge response of people in different websites. The site Amazon where a number of people reviewed it and almost all of them rated it with positive feedback. Even all the people said it’s a good bike which certified that it is a good entry level mountain bike. Many of them said that at the beginning, they were frustrated about the price but when they used it. They became very much satisfied for vast amenities they got within this price.For more reviews, got to the link which is given below:

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Question: Will size 17-inch be a good fit for 5’7″ boy?

Answer: I can say that yes it will suit you.

Question: Is it necessary to use a torque wrench to put it together? Where can I find some lube to lubricate the pipe for the seat?

Answer: I think you won’t need either of those.

Final Word

The SE Bikes Big Mountain 24 speed Hardtail is one of best bikes because it got everything perfect like the design, outlook, features and other tools. This is bigger entry level bike providing everything in an affordable price.

Though there are no instructions included, the assembly is simple. So we can advise you to give a test drive to get a realistic experience of yourself for better judgment.