Schwinn protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike Review:Duel Suspension Bike


There are nearly thousands mountain bikes in the market; each of them has different qualities, features and functions. If you are a beginner, it will not be easy to choose which bike you should buy. You may become little confused to select the perfect one. So, we are going to represent you a better quality bike that is Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike especially designed for the entry level bikers. This bike is stylish and its price is eminently reasonable. So, you can conquer any kind of terrains and tracks only spending some amount of money.

This bike is boasted with alloy aluminum frame, super suspension fork and 24er speed with 26-inch wheels. There are also vast numbers of advantageous. If you want to know all of this, just keep reading this review. We will introduce you complete details of this bike with pros and cons and will get idea by reading customer review from here.

Schwinn protocol 1.0

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FEATURE Of  Schwinn Protocol 1.0

Schwinn Protocol Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is designed with the thinking about the desires of the customers. Its frame design is spectacular and frame material is first class. It can be marked as one of the best of our lists.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

This bike is built with schwinn dual suspension aluminum frame and steel rear frame. This is the unique quality of this bike, because generally you get whether steel or aluminum frame but this bike is providing you double benefit of aluminum and steel. Again, the frame of this bike is quite strong and solid because of dual suspension frame. So you can make a smooth and comfortable ride in your riding time.

Super Suspension Fork

You can admit it that this bike is comfortable for riding because of SR Suntour front suspension fork. This suspension fork is capable of soaking up any kind shock. So you will be able to make relaxing ride in rough terrains and off road cycling.

Excellent Gearing

The Schwinn bike is equipped with excellent gearing option. The Shimano Altus 24-speeds gearing system will able you to accelerate your speed in any condition. You have Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters. These trigger shifters allow changing your gear smoothly and you can drive faster than ever. Rear derailleur is Shimano Altus which improves your progressive power on the way.

High Class Brake

If you really buy this bike, you will get super braking control from this bike. The Schwinn 1.0 has Pro Max Front Mechanical Disc Brakes, and rear brakes are linear pull. It will improve your optimum braking control in any condition. You can stop your bike whether it is on rough or rugged surface. So you should not be tense about safety issue. It guarantees you maximum safety opportunity.

Top Class Rims and Wheels

This bike is well-known for its top class Rims and Wheels. It has 26-inch wheels, and It is standard for all. Whether you are tall or short you can easily adjust with this. Rims are double walled alloy and it is light and strong which provide you great traction in all terrains. You can go outing cheerfully and enjoy best riding every time.

  • It’s Durable.
  • Spectacular design.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Price is Reasonable.
  • Weight is very light.
  • Strong body.
  • Handles are well.
  • Super Suspension Fork.
  • Standard Wheel Size.
  • Extreme barking control.
  • Providing Best Cyclic Experience.
  • Tuning needed to Seat be involved.
  • No place for keeping water bottle.
  • Front brake doesn’t not perform well that it should be.


If you are thinking about the price, this bike is the best within your budget. This bike doesn’t spare your large amount money. By spending a little money, you will receive maximum benefit of the product. So, don’t miss the chance. Hurry up and grab it.Free Shipping Opportunity

Customer Reviews

To make this review more useful, we are providing you some customers opinions that will surely help you make an informed decision, because we know that if you read customers opinion, you will get more idea than what you have. So we spent a huge sum of time on it and made a thorough research. We read it from Amazon and other site in the Internet. In Amazon, there are over hundred people reviewed this bike. Maximum people of them show positive attitude and leaves positive comment. They are very satisfied for the price and the service they have got.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

Question: does the bike come assembled?
Answer: It comes 7/8ths assembled. You need to attach the front wheel, put the seat on and tighten the handlebars. It’s very much simple and anyone can do it. By the way it’s a great bike indeed!

Question: What the shipping weight of this bike?
Answer: It’s not more or less than 40-50 lbs

Question: What’s the purpose of the “U” shaped tabs/ears with holes on each one of them, located at the rear left side? Where does the frame meet the rim pivot?
Answer: According to Schwinn, the same frame was used on models with rear disc brakes, and one of them is the Schwinn S29. The “U” shaped is just a mounting bracket for the brake system.

Question: What do you think? Will this bike fit for thirteen years old boy?
Answer: Yes, obviously. It’s great bike. You can try it!

Question: What sizes people are in shape for the bike?
Answer: Anyone within 5.5’’ to 5.10’’ will best match!

Final Verdict

Though it is an entry level mountain bike, its high class feature and function wonder you what kind of quality it has! The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 has launched as one of the best mountain bikes whether you desire to hit paved roads or off-roads, definitely it will fulfill your needs. The parts are durable and you can adjust them in a nearby shop if you are not comfortable with them. At last I can say it’s a nice package for you at a cheaper price.

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