Schwinn Prelude Review|One Great And Efficient Choice For Road Bikers


It is natural that one person will always buy the thing that will give him or her the best possible value compared with the amount of money he or she is intended to spend. Schwinn, one excellent bicycle producer who has been producing best quality bikes for more than 50 years, always tries its best to produce the bicycle that fulfills the demand of general people. Recently it has added one new model to their collection of quality bikes. They introduced this Schwinn prelude bike. This bike is specially made for men but women also can use it; just need a minor adjustment in the saddle.

This is such a kind of bike a cyclist always demands. It is a commuter in nature, but excels in racing. It’s most impressive aspect is its price. Yes, one can easily put the bike up against several of the much more expensive bikes for overall strength and durability.

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Features of Schwinn prelude Road Bike

Frame material:

♦ Frame material is one of the most important parts that tells the quality and durability of the bike. This bicycle is prepared with high quality aluminum, so the better durability and mobility are ensured here.

♦ This is a lightweight frame which offers rider’s quick and agile riding. It has also drop handlebars. These drop handlebars help the bikers for aggressive forward-leaning position at a maximum speed.

♦ Aluminum powder is used on the frame that ensures it’s shining and protection against erosion’s from different things like oxidize and others. There’s less chance that the cycle will become rusty, so riding in different trails and in different weather has become funny.

Handlebar and saddle

Though this bicycle is produced for men who’s height is 5.7 inch, one can easily adjust the handlebar according to his or her height. So adjustable saddle and handlebar ensures better riding comfort for everyone and also makes the cycle usable for almost everyone.

Wheel set

♦ The Schwinn prelude bike is one magnificent bicycle that has high-developed wheel set. It possesses 700c alloy wheels which enable comfortable rolling during rides in any types of road.

♦ This marvelous bike possesses Schwinn Alloy x 36-hole 700c rims that gives more strength and protection to the wheels.

♦ The hubs are well made which built of QR Alloy 36-hole.

Tires & rims

The large (700c) seven hundred alloy rims have speedy release hubs built-in with 700 x 25c street tires. It will assist to stay better grip on street as well as assist to absorb plenty of shock, bumps as well as jerks which are caused by pitch in a dirt mountain tracks or other kinds of objects. The aluminum drop bar fork also reduces the shocks reasoned by uneven road surface.

Drive train

Drive-train is one important factor that decides the overall performance of any bike. You will be definitely satisfied after seeing its efficient function. The 14-speed Shimano drive-train is made of good A050 shifters as well as lightweight alloy cranks that is 42/52-tooth Road. They offer you a smooth, fast biking on any type of terrain. The chain of this bike is KMC Z-51. Color is black and gives you a smooth mobility with a less effort, and also ensures better velocity.


The coaster brakes may cause unusual difficulty in responding instantly during any urgent situation for some bikers. It is problematic because these brakes structure is fairly different as well as uncomfortable for various bikers.

Reasons behind your choosing Schwinn men’s prelude

♦ Strong as well as extended durable bike

♦ It ensures high speed along with 14 types of gear uneven options

♦ Seat post with fast bike lock

♦ It is an ideal bike for regular uses because of its handy features.

♦ Perfect starter bike for the beginners.

♦ It is very responsive and well designed.

♦ The solid frame of this one’s allows the bike to be stronger than any other of its competitors.

♦ Has an adjustable handlebar and saddle which help many bike riders to adopt his or her bike according to the physical structure.

♦ It is so simple to assemble.

♦ It ensures less jerk and more comfortable ride along with its 700c alloy rims and 700 x 25c road tires.

♦ Its price is lower than usual expectation.

Cons of Schwinn men’s prelude

♦ The handlebar and saddle may create uncomfortable feeling for shorter men and females. You can avoid this after same adjustments.

♦ Bicycle tires don’t last long when riders are continuing aggressive riding.You might need to change tires soon.

♦ The design of these bike foes does not contain any system for holding water bottle.


Question: It’s hard to guess from the pictures. What’s color the trim on this red or orange?

Answer: it’s Red

Question: How can I assemble the bike? Help me out here.

Answer: Instructions booklet is added to the box. You will need hex wrenches to install the pedals, handlebars, wheels and seat.

Question: I’m 5’5 feet. Would it fit to me?

Answer: I’m 5.5’’ too. And I use it comfortably. Size will be perfect for you.

Question: Though this is a road bike, is it be possible if I want to drive on smooth dirt and rough surfaces?

Answer: You should not do this. It might damage you tires!


That was all about the Schwinn Prelude Review. Hopefully you got a brief idea about this bike. Though it has some problematic characteristics, it will provide you the best riding experience ever if you take care it regularly. The price is reasonable for you because you can enjoy the same advantages provided by the cycles of higher price range.