Schwinn Loop Folding Bike 20-Inch with a Good Budget

Getting bored of using traditional road bike or mountain bike or looking for a handy bike for daily communication? Then you may check out this Schwinn Loop Folding Bike. This is a compact bike for daily communication purpose, riding around town and casual riding in urban areas.

Schwinn is a well-known American bicycle company, and this folding bike has already been proved as a successful product of this company. Considering its body part,this Schwinn bike is a mixing of aluminum alloy and some steel parts, and it has also some lucrative features like rigid fork, low stand over frame, liner pull brakes and 7-speeds drivetrain. And most importantly its fordable function is useful for all and especially for those who don’t have enough space for storing the bike.

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Full Technical Details At A Glance

Top Features of Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

Great Bike for Daily Commuting

This is a 20-inch bike and it’s specially designed for daily commuting purpose. In general, people need to move different places everyday for communication or other purposes. Like casual riding in your town or visiting neighborhood, going to university or college or to move many place for different reasons, this folding is really a supportive thing for you.

Low Stand Over Frame

The stand of the bike, where we seat, is very low. But you can adjust your seat position, by raising it according to your height and luckily adjustment height is much. If you are shorter in size or beginning level, keep it low. And if you are taller in size or enthusiastic rider, raise the seat post higher.

Super Stopping By Liner Pull Brakes

The brakes are one of the most sensitive parts of the bikes because it defines and ensures your safety. The brakes are mechanical rim liner pull brakes. You can rely on these brakes because these brakes have super stopping ability. If you are going to ride in an urban area, you must be facing many traffic and huge crowd;hence you need to stop your bike any time, and this liner pull brakes will allow you to immediate stopping and definitely guarantee your protection.

7 speed Drivetrain

This bike has wide range of efficient gears. The 7-speed drivetrain helps to get on the sloppy roads or bridge or hills. This also helps riders adjust bike’s speed in different surfaces as per the needs. Sometimes, for the speed fanatics who love to ride with a speedy mode these efficient gears are most effective tool.

The Fork

Like all mountain bike or other bikes, it doesn’t have the suspension. But it comes with a rigid fork. This fork absorbs the shocks, and it helps riders to keep balance in an uneven road. Overall, in a daily riding the rigid fork will ensure your comfort by reducing the shocks and vibrations.

Price Details

The price is one of the most considering facts when you are buying any product. You have to compare the price with others and need to see what facilities this bike is going to give within price. Here, this will give you sufficient facilities within a low price. Within a cheap cost, you will receive a handy bike with outstanding features, better quality components and materials. To see the price from Amazon, go to the link below:

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  • Bike has life time warranty
  • Amazing Design
  • Best for daily communication
  • Easy folding system
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Sure stopping mechanical pull brakes
  • Efficient gears with Shimano 7 speed Drivetrain
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustment is little difficult as enough mechanism isn’t provided with it
  • Weight is little high and difficult to carry

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Customer Opinions

As I said in the above, this bike is largely selling in the market. There are many people who buy it and make their opinion about this bike. However, I have spent a great amount of time on searching perfect public opinions.
In most cases, the people are showing their positive attitude, making good comments and showing their contentment. They have said that it’s a great bike for the daily commuting. They are also satisfied with the price and overall features. But some people complained for the adjustment difficulties and for the overweight.

Assemble Guide

What I have mentioned in the cons above, this bike is not too easy to be assembled. There is a lack of mechanism tools to assemble this bike. But it can be done in a short time with just a set of hex wrenches. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines highlighted below:

♦ Attach the rod to the front wheel, install the fork and secure it with rods.

♦ Install the handlebar and the pedals.

♦ Then adjust the brakes.

♦ Finally upgrade a few tools. (If necessary)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I am 6.2’’. Will I be able to ride this bike comfortably?
Answer: I am 5′ 9″ and it works well for me but as you 6’2’’, I think it might be a little small for you.
Question: Is this bike perfect for a 20 km leisurely ride?
Answer: I think it is. It’s comfortable enough to ride and suitable for anyone’s body.
Question: Is there any chance the bike to roll when folded?
Answer: I don’t think so. But pedals might be gone up.

Final Word

Before taking final decision, you have to consider some facts like features, pros and cons and others. Though it has one flaw that it’s little heavy, overall the bike is going to offer you lots of facilities and almost a reliable companion for the daily round-trip. Again, the economic point of view, it’s a cheap bike compared to other folding bikes available in the market. With a carrying bag and handy features, it’s a great choice for every cyclist.