How to Organize Your Cycle Tools With a Tool Box

Handiwork isn’t always easy. Messiness and disorganization will only make it more difficult. If you’re struggling with keeping your toolbox organized and clean, you’ll be an expert at it after reading this article.


– Toolbox liners: A common problem that encourages toolbox disorganization is the absence of a slip mat or toolbox liner. With a toolbox liner, your tools won’t slip and slide when you open or close your drawers.

– Organization boxes: This product is a good idea if you have spare pieces that didn’t come with a kit or set of tools. Most organization boxes can be found for cheap at your local dollar store.

– Cutout trays: Cutout trays are trays with cutouts that you can fit your tools in. While this is a more efficient choice compared to a toolbox liner or an organization box, it may be more expensive. You can also make your own socket trays if you’re more crafty and focused on budgeting.

– Socket holders: Socket holders are great especially since they are more prone to getting lost or mixed in with other small tools.

– Plier rack: Plier racks are wonderful for keeping your pliers organized. They’re large enough to have their own drawer. You can find them on Amazon.

Making your tool holders are a great alternative to buying them. It will take up less space and give you more room to be creative with what you can do.



The easiest way to get started with organizing your tool box is figuring out what needs to go where.

– Take all of your tools out and lay them on a flat surface in a place where they won’t be tampered with. Once this is done, group your tools together so that they are classified.

– Keep identical tools in their own compartment. This is where an organization box or socket tray would come in. Smaller tools will go together and larger tools will go together. Each should be in separate drawers.

– Figure out whether or not you will need the assistance of an organization box or socket tray. These products are not essentials but will make it a lot easier to keep your toolbox clean and more visually appealing.



Now, it’s time to organize your cycle tools so that your toolbox is clean and useful. Store your tools depending on their size, type, function, and use. Tools that you use often should be at the top of the toolbox for faster access. This ensures that you won’t have to dig through drawers to find what you need.

Tiny tools such as screws and nails should be put in special containers since they are more likely to end up lost. The ideal container will have a lid so that if something gets knocked over the tools won’t spill out. Large things like bottles of grease and oils should go in a large cubby that is separate from the toolbox.

Don’t be afraid of labels. You can label your toolbox depending on the project, tool, or anything else. Labels come in handy especially if you have multiple versions of the same cycle tool. Once you follow this guide your days of disorganization will be done!