Review Of Nashbar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike


The Nashbar Single Speed 29er mountain bike is made by the Nashbar Company in Taiwan. Just like its name the bike has got a single gear unlike other mountain bike models that have a number of gears. Most mountain bike lovers are usually keen on bikes with multiple gears based on the perception that single speed bikes will not perform well for them. Perceptions such as this do not hold any water because there are many single speed mountain bikes which are usually just up to the task even more than those with multiple gears. If you take Nashbar single-speed 29er mountain bike for instance, you will find that even some single speed mountain bikes can also just work better than the multiple speed gears mountain bike models.

This cycle has become a darling of many cycling enthusiasts due to its versatility, strength, quality design, affordability and performance. What does this mean? Well, you will find out that the bike is light in terms of weight, works well even under extreme conditions thanks to its strong frame, and more interestingly.

Who is the bike ideal for?

Bikes are usually designed for various purposes and for different people e.g. age and gender. The Nashbar single-speed 29er is ideal for all riders who like single speed bikes that do not cost highly. It is an ideal bike that can be used for casual cycling excursions, commuting to work, and for urban cycling too.

Another good thing with the mountain bike is that it is so easy to ride. Even beginner riders can use this bike with ease.


Features Of Nashbar Single Speed 29er

After taking my time researching, analyzing, and testing the features of the bike I can authoritatively say that indeed it is one of the best mountain bikes in its category. Below are some amazing features you should know about it:

The frame

The frame of the bike is made from aluminum and what makes this even more interesting is the fact aluminum ensures sturdiness, durability, and is off course light weight. Compared to other bikes with frames made of steel, this mountain bike frame that is made of aluminum will not corrode easily meaning durability.

Another good aspect of the bike’s frame is its design which is wide enough thus offering the rider more control especially during climbs and also when riding on rough terrain.

Its tires unique design

This mountain bike has got large tires that are 29 inches just like its name 29er suggests. The advantage of having large tires on your bike is that when you hit potholes you don’t feel much of the bumpiness. Large tires usually work so well on rough roads as well as well paved roads and this is what makes it ideal for both urban roads riding excursions and also off-road riding excursions. Large tires used on bikes have also been found to bring about good traction thus ensuring a rider’s safety when riding on rough and uneven terrains.

The fork of the mountain bike

The Nashbar cycle has got an amazingly hard fork proven to be able to withstand even extreme tension. When riding a bike on rough terrain and you know it has got an exceptionally tough fork you ride without fear of accidental fork breaking. Bikes that have tough forks have been found to give riders comfortable and smooth riding experiences and the bike will give you just this.

Braking system

This mountain bike has a very good braking system thanks to the idea of the maker to use disc brakes on it. Disk brakes are usually very effective in stopping even fast moving bicycles. What this means is that you can rely on its brakes in times of emergency braking! Another advantage of disc brakes used in a bicycle is that disc brakes usually work well in all weather conditions and will not slip like rubber brakes. Disc brakes are also strong and long lasting compared to rubber brakes.

Maintenance of this bike

The fact that it has just one single gear is its strong point with regards to the difficult maintenance that bikes with several gears demand. Mountain bikes with multiple gears need regular gears maintenance and without careful servicing the gears usually get faulty affecting efficiency. A single speed bike like Nashbar does not require changers, shifters, derailleurs all of which are usually prone to frequent breakdowns.


  • The bike is light in weight.
  • Features just single gear eliminating the hard work of maintenance that multiple speed bikes require.
  • Is affordable.
  • Is ideal for almost everyone.
  • Is easy to ride.
  • Has quality braking system with discs.
  • Can be used both in well paved roads and rough terrains too.


  • Is not ideal for riders keen on speed.
  • Lacks the quick release axle on the rear wheel.

Final verdict

This Nashbar single speed 29er mountain bike has so many advantages. It is a quality mountain bike that is sold at an affordable price. It features great design making it ideal for almost everyone who likes riding bikes. The mountain bike can be used for both on-road and off-road riding excursions meaning that you can use it for commuting to your work place and also for tours out of city. The fact that it is easy to ride makes it a good choice for beginner riders looking for a bike that is not complicated to ride.

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