Nashbar Carbon 105 Road Bike Review


The Nashbar Carbon 105 road bike is a high end road bike that is designed for different cyclists. The Nashbar bicycle company is reputed to be a top maker of high quality bicycles and the Nashbar road bicycles are no exception. The road bike’s frame is made of monocoque carbon making it rival even the more expensive road bikes designed for professional cyclists. With its frame made of carbon fiber it only means that the weight is really light weight. The fork of the road bike is also made of pure carbon making the bike general usability clearly versatile. This is a bike that can be sued by both entry levels cyclists and even more experienced cyclists who are on a budget and still don’t have more funds to purchase the more expensive road bikes. The road bike features 20 speed Shimano gears allowing the rider to go uphill and also race downhill with alternating speeds. The bike’s gear transition is just perfect thanks to its good quality compact crank set. The safety of the bike is also guaranteed in its carefully crafted brakes which are dual pivot designed.

Nashbar Carbon 105 Road Bike features

The frame and fork of the road bike

The frame of the bike is made purely of carbon making the cycle more rigid and lightweight too. With a frame made of carbon the bike feels so cool to ride just so sturdy and complete. The frame is stylishly designed giving the bike an elegant look that makes it poses a different kind of swagger.

The fork of the road bike is also made of carbon making the bike feel strong light and to ride. The fork makes it easy for you to ride even on rough road surfaces without feeling much of the shocks because it actually absorbs them.

The drivetrain of the road bike

The Nashbar carbon  has got an amazing drivetrain featuring Shimano components which are clearly a wonderful work of art. Basically it is the Shimano gears that make the cycle performance really that good. Riding this bike and shifting its gears enables you to notice that all the gears work together in harmony giving the bike an overall performance that will impress you. Unlike other kinds of bikes that usually have issues with their shifters not working in harmony with the derailleur and gears Nashbar 105 is quite different.

The arm of the crank set of the bike is also just amazing as it is made of cold forged aluminum making it tough and strong. The entire speed of bike is 20 gears all of which work perfectly well without any hitches.

The design of the road bike

As mentioned in this review earlier the road bike has been elegantly designed differently giving it a unique look. Looking at the bicycle from a few meters away you see that indeed it is such a beautifully designed road bike that is so captivating to resist. The paint of the bike is superbly done giving it a really distinctive style that makes it even more fascinating.

Professionals who know how to gauge a good bike will tell you that they can tell a good and quality bike from just looking at it. For this reason the design of a bike plays an important role on customer’s perception bout it. The geometry of the Nashbar carbon bike helps to enhance it general performance on the road. The bike’s sleek design has is also accentuated with its aerodynamics making it more streamlined to move at great speeds with reduced air resistance.

The wheel set of the Nashbar 105 carbon road bike

Both of the bike’s wheels are Shimano made but are strong, stable and sturdy. This is why riding the bike is such an exhilarating experience for most of the riders.  The rims are aluminum made with the front rim having 20 spokes to reduce air resistance and the energy the cyclist needs to move the bike. The rear rim of the bike has got 24 spokes so that it can be able to support the weight and also withstand the power exerted on it as you pedal the bike for it to be propelled forward. The depth of the aluminum rims is 24-mm and this helps to reduce rotating mass and also helps to maintain their sturdiness to allow the bike to sprint and accelerate even better. The wheels of the road bike are generally big enough thus good for riding even on rough terrain with ease.

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Assembling of the bike

Another good quality of the road bike is that ease with which it is for you to assemble it. It is a kind of road bike that can be assembled easily with most of its main components such as the brakes, saddle, handlebars so easy to adjust to your desired dimensions. The saddle can easily be tilted either upwards or downwards this is the same with the handlebar.

Frequently asked question

  • What is the quality of the bike?

It is an entry level road bike that made from high quality materials making it strong and durable. The frame and the fork are made of carbon making it lightweight and versatile too.


The pros

  • Features a sleek design.
  • Is strong, light, stylish, durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.

The cons

  • The saddle is not all that comfortable especially for distance long rides.
  • The brakes could be a lot better.

Final verdict on Nashbar 105 road bike

The Nashbar Carbon Road bike is an entry level road bike that has great features just like the higher end road bikes designed for professional cyclists. It features a high quality frame and fork made of carbon making it really versatile and lightweight. The gears of the bike are made of high quality Shimano parts that work flawlessly. It is a good road bike that you could use for daily commuting, exercising, and touring or even for sports racing.

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