Nashbar AT1 29r Mountain Bike Review


It is once said by famous cartoonist Charles M. Schulz that life is like a ten speed bicycle and most of us have gears we never use. However, when we think of having a bicycle specially a mountain bike, we tend to imagine the one with all the good and new features along with the affordability. These days we need to have an eye for details as we know there are thousand different types of mountain bikes being sold in the market.

So the question is what features to look for when selecting a mountain bike within the range. When I thought of having my own mountain bike I wanted it to resist everything that would make my journey uncomfortable while I am on it. Visualizing all the possible barriers like off-road tracks, rocks, sands, mud and dirt in front of me I found the perfect match which can handle anything. Astonished? Well, allow me to introduce Nashbar AT1 29r Mountain Bike.

This 29 inch mountain bike that will serve more than you have ever imagined. For starters this bike would be the smartest choice as the price is within the range and the parts are also modifiable.




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Description in short about Nashbar AT1

With the growth in cycling in the recent year, cyclists from around the world look for the best for their journey on the trails. And when it comes to mountain biking, the demand is a bit extra. The specified things most cyclist are concerned about are wheel size, frame, brakes and gears.

Nashbar AT1 29r Mountain Bike contains steel hardtail MTB frame. So, not only having extreme durability and stiffness it also contains remarkable trail feedback. It has Shimano 7-speed cassettes which delivers immense speed both on the flats and hills. 29 inch wheels are very applicable for a wide interaction area with the ground. It’s shifting Alloy V-brakes offer dominant braking performance with 75mm fork.

 Shimano drive train

This mountain bike comes along with Shimano 7-speed cassettes. Now you may think if seven speed cassettes might not be enough. Trust me when I say not necessarily! Why? Well, more than seven sprocket can largely be seen among spec hype. At maximum two chain-wheels and seven sprocket is all that most cyclists want. If you are still dealing with confusion an added third chain-wheel cab can be a huge plus point than an 8th, 9th or 10th sprocket. A food for thought 7-indexing speed shifters are getting very rare to be found these days.

29 inch wheels

Back in the days when we used to go to a bike shops we would find bikes having 26 inch wheels but these days we can also find the 29-inch tires, also known as the “29er”. It is the upcoming generation choice in mountain bike timeline. The reason, its’ forward momentum.

So when you see a steep hill climb appearing don’t be shaky. The 29er will help contain your forward momentum as you reach the slope. 26-inch tire has 1 1/2-inch less height than a 29-inch tire. So, the 29-inch tire has larger wheels that can be smoother on rocks, roots, steps and badgers by decreasing striking angle. And don’t we understand that a larger tire requires less struggle when rolling thus you get a chiller ride which preserves your stamina.

29er MTB Frame

It is said that the 29er are the wave of the future. Why?

For starters there are few important things that a mountain biker should know. Mountain bikes generally comes with two types of suspensions depending mostly on the frame. With shocks and without shocks. The one with the shock at the front is called hardtail and without shock is called rigid. Being a mountain biker you would want a shock suspension in front so that your bike can bump whenever you hit rugged surface. There is another kind which has shocks both at the front and at the back called full suspension. So, a question might arise, why not full suspension. Well my friend, the full suspension is a very mechanical component whereas hardtail is more user friendly for riders, thus, considering the complications the hardtail is one step ahead. Besides according to weight management hardtails are less heavy than full suspension. Thus, hardtails also get a thumps up considering the competitive heaviness comparing with full suspension.

If you think that the rigid rear side of hardtail is going to make a great difference, then I must admit that, technically it should. But would you believe if I say that the difference carries a positive result? Imagine yourself riding the bike when ascending up towards the mountain. And now imagine how much pressure the rear side of the bike would tolerate. Yes the weight of your whole body multiplied by the velocity. So, if you put pressure at the rear end of your bike you would waste your energy if there is any suspension at the back as we know suspensions release the pressures.

The steel body of the frame makes it more stable and has less chance of probable deviation from your riding line. The tall frame helps with increased rotational weight. It is more comfortable for taller riders.

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The V-brakes was designed so that it estimates a center-pull cantilever in terms of well-adjusted force and leverage. Thus you get added force on the pads for a given brake lever force making the brake “grabbier”. This is significant for front wheels on suspension forks. The linear pull brakes works fast on all terrains.

As you know brakes are one of the most important components of a bike. So, let us not have a second thought and be assure of what we are counting on.

  • Modifiable
  • Affordable
  • Strong frame
  • Helps with forward momentum
  • Awesome brakes
  • Price within range
  • Heavy body

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Ending note

Nashbar AT1 29r Mountain Bike has more than all the features that a mountain biker needs. Although many have reviewed that there are no assembly instructions, I would suggest to use the basic intuition. Its’ Shimano components are one of the most important aspect of this bike and very appealing considering the price.

The most interesting fact is that it is completely up-gradable however I would not fondle and try to change the 7-speed cassettes to 8th or 9th or even 10th one as the 7-speed drive strain are rare and mostly suggested.