Review Of The Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike


The Nashbar AL-1 road bike is quality bike that has its frame made of tough aluminum ensuring it is light weight, sturdy and durable. Its fork is one of a kind in that it is made of carbon fiber for strength and versatility. The gearing system of the bike is also just amazing featuring Shimano components. As you know it when the name Shimano is pronounced where bicycle parts are involved you are assured of quality!

     Road bikes usually come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and cost. Which are designed for beginners and are not usually quite as expensive as those that are designed for the more professional cyclists involved in competitive cycling sports. Basically road bikes are designed for speed on well paved roads. It can also be called as racing bikes as some people usually refer to them with regards to the speeds with which they can travel. What sets bikes apart from other types of bicycles is their generally stylish frame and narrower tires that are of high pressure that go up to 100psi. Most bikes usually have multiple gears although there are those that have single gears or fixed gears. Another distinctive feature of road bikes is that they are light in weight unlike mountain bikes.

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Features of the Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike

  • It comes in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from.
  • It comes with a distinctive stylish look.
  • Has got multiple high quality Shimano gears.
  • The frame is made of high quality aluminum.
  • The fork is carbon made.
  • The wheels are all made of alloy that is light weight.
  • Dual pivot brakes for better and safety braking.

The frame of the bike

The Nashbar AL bike’s frame is really light weight as it is made from aluminum that is double-butted. Light weight is a desirable feature in a bike as it makes the bike more maneuverable and versatile too. A light weight bike is so easy to carry around when you are not riding and that is the case of the Nashbar bike really light. Apart from the frame just being light weight it is strong and thus makes the bike durable.

The road bike’s unique gearing system

The Nahsbar AL-1 bike has got a really impressive gearing system and just be a look at it you will certainly notice this thanks to the Shimano components use there. It features a 27-speed Shimano Sora drive train offering you a wide range of gears you need to conquer hills and also descend very fast downhill. What makes the gear system such impressive is the fact that the components are from Shimano.

The wheels of the bike

Bikes are designed for well paved roads but that doesn’t mean that you will just be riding yours on good roads all the time. There are instances that your destinations may be in areas beyond your usual good roads. The  AL-1 road bike has got sturdy wheels that offer stability to you especially when riding off-road. The road bike features high quality Vittoria Zafiro 700c tires that are capable of handling even rough roads.

The brakes of the bike

The bike has got dual-pivot brakes for extra safety as these ensure that you can use the brakes even when on very high speeds but still be able to stop effectively. The brakes of the bike work so well under any weather conditions or terrains. This helps to ensure that your risk of getting involved in accidents and injury yourself is significantly reduced.

The fork of  the bike

The road bike’s fork is made of a high quality carbon making the bike quite comfortable to ride as the fork works better in absorbing shocks that the rough roads may pose. The unique designing of the bike’s fork also makes it easy for the rider to have better control of the bike.

  • Comes in at a fairly reasonable price taking into account what it has to offer.
  • Is strong and designed to last long.
  • Is highly maneuverable.
  • Is easy to ride.
  • Features excellent geometry.
  • Its assembly is easy.
  • Is light weight.
  • The seat isn’t that comfortable.
  • The brake pads wear out too soon and therefore need changing.

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Final Thoughts

The Nashbar AL-1 road bike is one bike that is just so tempting and difficult to resist for obvious reasons. It comes at an amazingly fair cost yet what it offers almost matches that which the other more expensive road bikes offer. The bike is ideal for casual riding gigs, for exercising, for commuting, and also for training too. It is a light weight road bike but still just sturdy enough to handle even rough roads with confidence. The bike handles well is quite easy to ride even in a crowded city thanks to its great maneuverability.

That its frame is made of high quality aluminum and the fork made of carbon assures you of a bike that will last long. Another great thing about the bike is carefully crafted gearing system. Its 27-speed Shimano gears makes it possible for you to be able to surmount even the toughest of climbs. The gearing system of the bike also comes in handy for you when you want to ride and attain great speeds especially when ascending from steep slopes. Another good thing about the bike is its modern and stylish look that you will really find quite compelling and irresistible.

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