Top 7 mountain biking tips that will help you to improve your confidence

Overview of mountain biking tips

mountain biking tips

Mountain biking is a sport that is loved by many people all over the world due to the great benefits it offers. Mountain biking apart from just being an enjoyable past time activity also comes with numerous health benefits such helping to keep the rider in good health and helping a rider stack up stamina too. Yes cycling is the easiest way to shed extra fats from the body fast and affordable. It is also adventurous to go mountain biking especially in nature parks thanks to the scenic views that such parks usually offer. Do you know that there are tips that if followed by mountain bikers can go a long way in helping them sharpen their mountain biking skills and better also enhance their experience in the activity?

Below are seven proven mountain biking tips that can go a long way in helping to improve your mountain biking activity:

Ensure that your bike is well maintained

Riding a bike that is well service and maintained is advisable to obvious reasons. If you go out on a bicycle that is not well serviced and maintained you increase chances of it breakdown mid-journey. This can also put you at risk of getting an accident or having to walk over long distances because you will not ride a bike that has wheels that have malfunctioned. Taking your bicycle to the service person for routine or basic maintenance will not take much of your time and your effort will pay you off well in the long run. Regular maintenance of the bike helps you find out about worn out tires and brakes that may need fixing or servicing. Also when doing routine servicing and maintenance of the bike ensure that you adjust the bike to be able to fit your dimensions better.

Relax yourself don’t get yourself all worked up or nervous

if you are a novice mountain biker who is still trying to gain some bit of experience here and there about the activity it is better to always remain focused and relaxed when setting out every time you set out for your mountain cycling excursion. Allowing nervousness to get the better of you especially when going downhill will work against your ability of learning new mountain biking skills. Let the bike move at speeds you can comfortably control and you will slowly but surely become a pro in the activity.

Pay attention to where you are heading to

when riding on your trail it is wise to stay focused to where you are heading to because there are some mountain biking trails that have potholes and rocks that can cause accidents.

Ride more and more

Remember the saying that goes that practice makes perfect? The more you continue mountain biking the more you get to learn about new mountain biking skills and thus gaining more experience. As you continue riding downhill sometimes at speeds and being able to avoid hitting potholes and rocks the more skilled you continue to get in the activity. Nothing makes a person better more than regular and dedicated practice and consistency.

Be alert at all times when on the cycle trail

The importance of being alert at all times while on the trail helps you to see objects that may be lying ahead on your trail. Being able to spot an object in time lets you apply your brakes before hitting it thus alleviating any possibility of you suffering from an injury or damaging your bike.

Use your brakes wisely

Experienced cyclists will tell you the benefits of applying both breaks front and rear when braking and especially when descending. You will be able to stop the bike more effectively when you apply both brakes unlike when you only apply one brake. Brakes also ought to the applied gently because applying brakes just suddenly especially on a very steep descent may make you stumble over something that can lead to serious injuries.

Go for a bike that best suits your unique needs

Before purchasing a mountain bike that you will be using for your mountain cycling excursions it is wise to take familiarize yourself with the place you will riding on. This will help you in choosing the right bike that is better suited for the terrain. Also go for a mountain bike that will fit your style and needs. Consider issues such as your height, your arms length, legs length and go for a bike that fits you well.


Mountain biking is a great and exhilarating past time activity that is loved by many people all over the world. In order for you to get better in the activity you must ensure that your bike is well maintained at all times, be relaxed and avoid nervousness, remain focused on your trail while riding to avoid accidents, practice more to even get better at the game and so much more. Remember about the saying that states that practice makes you perfect!