5 Excellent Tips On Mountain Biking For Beginners


Mountain Biking For Beginners is a very interesting past time activity that is easy to do and also offers numerous health benefits to those who do it. Even though mountain biking is adventurous and exciting, it often comes with certain challenges and risks and that is why newbies in the sport must take their time to learn some basics about it before trying certain stunts and maneuvers which may cause them injuries. There are skills and techniques here and there that new mountain biking enthusiasts should get their selves acquainted with in order for them to later become even better riders. Below are some amazing mountain biking tips that all beginner mountain bikers should learn that will help them to make meaningful progress in the sport and become even better riders quickly:

Mountain Biking For Beginners

Wear clothes that are comfortable

As a beginner mountain biker ensure that the clothing you wear allows you to feel comfortable in it. You can ensure this by buying a complete biking kit that matches your measurements from a reputable cycles shop. Don’t forget to purchase good quality riding helmet and gloves as these will ensure your protection in case you get involved in an accident while cycling. Wearing shorts and tops that are made specifically for mountain bikers will also go a long way in making you feel comfortable and confident on your trail.

Ensure that you have hardened yourself up

If you are just beginning out on mountain cycling it is better that you start off slowly and then as you will be getting fit and mastering the game then you can increase your intensity. Allow yourself to get the stamina that is need for going out for Long Mountain riding excursions that may not be easy for you in your initial stages of the activity. A better way to start off could be going out for about just an hour or two per day while using high gears that will not demand much stamina from you. Doing this helps to ensure that you will not suffer from muscle pulls.
After you have built up enough muscles and stamina you can increase your intensity by increasing the distance you go mountain biking at paces that will not tire you up too fast. Doing this helps you to burn the excess fats from your body at the same time improve your endurance. Bicycling and in particular mountain biking has been found by experts to help give you a great work that is good for the body.

Familiarize yourself with good mountain biking techniques

As a general rule all bicyclists whether mountain bikers or road bikers need to be flexible and calm when riding. Being too stiff is discouraged because it exhausts a cyclists energy reserves faster. Being rigid on your bike may also make you lose control or even prevent you from learning new riding skills. You can practice the following riding techniques for the different conditions:

As you descend – as you ride your mountain bike downhill it is advisable not to remain sited on the saddle as this may hinder your ability to control the bike better. As you remain standing on the pedals let your hands and legs remain free and flexible so that when you hit bumps or holes on the trail you will not feel much of the bumpiness. Keeping your body low by bending and ensuring that your body is slightly at the back your saddle will let you be in better control of the bicycle as it cruises downhill. Another thing you should ensure is that you level your pedals as this ensures that in case you brake you will be able to stop well.

As you climb – it is advisable that you look at the road ahead of you and try to get an idea of what awaits you ahead. This is what will help you decide that it is time to put a little more effort and also change gears that will enable you to conquer the hill. As you climb you are advised to sit on your saddle rather than remain standing because by standing you will lose steam and energy fast.

When maneuvering a corner – you are advised to be very cautious when approaching corners and apply your brakes in time before actually reaching the corner. After you have applied your brakes and now you are in reasonable speed you can incline the bike on the direction that you wish to cycle to steadily to avoid tumbling over.

Service your bike regularly

The basic rule for safety riding is using bikes that are well serviced and maintained. Ensure that your bike is often well serviced and maintained and that the brakes and wheels are good working condition before setting out for any riding expedition.

Practice regularly to learn new skills and techniques

Remember that regular practice will make you learn new skills and techniques that will even make you a better mountain biker. If you have gained some bit of experience why not practice more for you to even get better?!