Basic Mountain Bike Maintenance Six Tips and Techniques

MOUNTAIN BIKE MAINTENANCEBuying a good quality mountain bike is great news because they are strong, stylish, and durable. Good quality mountain bikes are expensive but still you will be able to get budget mountain bike that will just work well for you as long as you service and maintain it accordingly. Maintenance and servicing of a bicycle is critical if you want to get the better out of it in terms of performance and durability. Remember that a bicycle is just like any other machine such as a car which needs regular maintenance and servicing to remain in good working condition. By making necessary adjustments on your bike by tightening loose nuts, adjusting the saddle to dimensions that fits you and greasing moving parts goes a long way in improving the bike’s efficiency.

Mountain Bike Maintenance

Below are some basic mountain bike maintenance tips and techniques that should know about:

Adjust your saddle to fit you well

Most bicycles often come with saddles that have been adjusted to a certain basic position that manufacturers assume is ideal for most cyclists. You should try out your new bike to find out if the saddle length fits you comfortably or not. If you find out that the saddle is either too low for you or to high simply adjust it to your ideal dimensions. Fortunately these days most entry level mountain bikes come with adjustable saddles so that it is easy for cyclists to make adjustments that favor them. You should also ensure that the saddle is well padded and if it came from the manufacturer with less padding you can improve that yourself.

Service your bicycle’s gears and the chain regularly

Gears need to well serviced and maintained regularly to ensure that they remain in good working condition. Mountain bike gears need regular servicing and maintenance because they are moving parts which are often involved in heavy duty every time a bicycle is moving. You need to oil them often and in times of wet weather conditions applying grease will ensure that lubrication is not washed off easily.

The chain is also another part that needs proper care as it is the medium through which energy is transformed and distributed in the bike to make it move. Adjusting the chain in such a way that it doesn’t remain too tight or too loose helps to ensure that the bike is efficient. The chain also needs to be oiled for it to work well and also not to wear out so fast.

You can replace the pedals if they start becoming faulty

Mostly you will find that low budget mountain bikes usually come with pedals that are made of plastic. Pedals that are made of plastic usually don’t last long and may get spoilt a lot faster. The best thing you do is shop for new pedals that are of high quality and then replace those that you purchased the bike with. There are a number of quality pedals in cycle shops that you should be able get affordably. When purchasing new pedals, choose those that will fit well on the kind of riding shoes that you have.

Inflate your bicycle’s tires accordingly

Having an ideal tire pressure in both wheels is really important and you must always ensure that you inflate them to recommended pressure. Correct tire pressure allows better traction of the wheels and the surface. Riding the bike on very low pressure is not advised as it works to spoil the rims which are an expensive part of the bike. Low pressure on a mountain bike also will work against you especially when going for the climb as you will use more energy.

Very high pressure on the wheels is also not advised because it reduces the traction of the wheels and the ground. This makes it easy for the bicycle to skid on loose surfaces something that makes it easy for a rider to fall.

Worn out tires also need to be replaced to ensure that the bike works on good tires that will not cause accidents. Worn out tires are usually prone to unnecessary punctures and in some instances even skids.

Handlebar setup and adjustment

A mountain bike handlebar just like the saddle usually comes set at a certain standard setting and inclination. It will be upon you to adjust the handlebar to your ideal dimensions that will be comfortable to you so that even when you ride long distances you don’t come back home feeling fatigued and all beaten up. Setting up the handlebar to an ideal dimension that matches your height goes a long way in giving you the right bicycle posture that you need.

Cleaning your bike also protects its paint

You need to also remember cleaning your mountain bike regularly when it gets dirty especially during seasons of wet weather. Leaving dirt to dry up on the bike and letting it to remain dirty for long periods usually works to degrade its paint.