Mongoose status 3.0 the comfortable bike within your budget


In the world of cycle, mongoose is one famous bike producer known for their quality bikes. After a lot of experiment and plan, they brought one superb bike, the Mongoose status 3.0 bike is originally a mountain bike, but it is still okay for roads and highways. Mongoose 3.0 is a bike that provides ultimate level of comfort, but surprisingly is one budget bike. It has duel suspension that helps to reduce the effect of jolts and ensures better riding.

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So Let’s See Some Exciting Features Of Mongoose Status 3.0:


One rocking feature of this bike is its marvelous drivertrain, which ensures smoothness of riding and also allows better speed. This drivertrain consists Shimano trigger shifters 24-speed and a Shimano rear derailleur. Shimano rear derailleur provides a wide range of gearing options, and Shimano trigger shifters 24-speed allow a rider to move from one gearing option to another in a rapid way. After all, this fascinating drivertrain of mongoose 3.0 bike ensures the biker’s freedom to control his or her riding speed at anywhere.


This bicycle has one high performing frame which is made of aluminum, thus the frame is lightweight but strong and sturdy. Its frame is covered with aluminum powder, so shininess of the frame and optimal protection from different erosions is ensured. However, aluminum’s light in nature ensures better, faster, smoother riding at anywhere.

Suspension forks

Another feature that makes mongoose 3.0 mtb  one comfortable bike is its full suspension system, as the front and back wheel is connected with two SR suspensions. This outstanding and superb suspension system works as a better cushion against the every bumps and jolts; thus it ensures safety of the rider’s front and back part of body. In the end, one rider feels immense level of relaxation and enjoys one smooth ride with mongoose status MTB.


The more power one break has, the better safety it guarantees .The excellent mechanical disc brakes at both front and rear wheels made mongoose  mountain bike one better and reliable one. This breaks enable the rider to stop anywhere at his or her will. Whatever the nature of trail is, the break helps the rider to stop in a better way, and thus it ensures the riders safety.


This bike has 26” wheels, and these wheels make it one excellent bike that performs well both as road bike and mountain bike. Its bigger wheels help the rider to have charming and fast riding experience. Bigger wheels help the rider to ride fast and pass every obstacle in a smooth way. Its deep treated rubber tire helps the biker to ride in any kind of terrain with optimum level of comfort and safety.

Crank, rims, and pedals

The unique Suntour crankset of a bicycle is designed for adjusting with the abuse of rough terrain that provides better performance. Suntour is a well known for its consistency as well as permanence. Definitely, it assures everyone its product will be more long lasting and provides high performance than other ordinary crankset. The pedals & rims of Mongoose Bicycle are made of better quality alloy materials that you can avoid the cost of maintenance and replacements. The thread-less headset offers realistic result to the attachment as well as solves the head bearing adjustments troubles.

So the cycle enthusiastic will be interested about this bike because:

♦ It has excellent drivertrain with quality derailleur and 24-speed trigger shifters.

♦ It has lightweight yet stable and solid frame.

♦ Its Suspension forks at both of the wheels provide unquestionable level of comfort.

♦ It has strong brakes that help the rider to stop at his or her will and maintains the riders safety.

♦ Its wheels are big enough to provide better speed even in the roads and highways.

♦ Its long lasting Crank, rims, and pedals provide the absolute service.

Not everything is just quite perfect, and this bike has some drawbacks:

♦ This bike may feel problematic to the bikers who are taller than the average one.

♦ This bike doesn’t have any water bottle holder.

♦ The bike is not for riding in extremely rough and tough trails.

♦ This bike has a bit more weight as it has double suspension.

♦ Bikes with double suspension need more energy to operate or control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What’s kind of suspension this bike is offering?
Answer: You are lucky enough. Because you are getting this is the bike with full suspension. So drive it comfortably.

Question: How is it weight?
Answer: It is about 21 kg. Little heavy but not much, can easily be controlled.

Question: Can you tell me how much length the frame has?
Answer: Its 43 inch from dropout to dropout. For your convenience, its 41 inch from head tube to the rear dropout. Likely a large frame.

Question: Does it has quality brakes?

Answer: Yes, it has safety brakes system.

Assemble Information

I have mentioned in the pros above that the assembling is easy. About all the parts are assembled with the bike but still some parts are needed to adjust. You don’t need too much mechanical tool for the assembling. Just manage a set of hex wrenches. With using this tool, the things needed to do are:

1. Attach the rod with wheel.
2. Install the forks and attach it with rods
3. Install the brakes
4. Then install the upgrades if necessary

Buying Guide

If you want to buy this mongoose status by sitting in your lovely house, you just need to find out some online retail shops where this kind of product is available. Amazon is online retail shop and it’s one of largest and well known online shop in the world. There you get this bike. You just need to confirm the order and through a single click, you will receive your bike in your door.

Final Verdict

There are so many bikes which have almost same price as mongoose status 3.0, but mongoose bike is specifically known for providing better, easier and relaxing riding experience. Although it is not for the ultimate level tough terrains, it can be used by any bikers in both mountain trails and smooth trails. It is specially recommended for the starters and also the bikers, who want to ride anywhere with ease and comfort.