The 26″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Men’s Mountain Bike Review


When looking for a good quality mountain bike one should consider three important things which should be affordability, reliability and versatility. Mountain bikes are usually used for off road riding excursions and therefore when going for one consider one that has got sturdiness both in its frame and also its front suspension.A good mountain bike should be able to work well both on the road and also on cycle trails that are usually bumpy and uneven. The mountain bike that suits this bill is the 26’’ wheel mongoose ledge men’s bike. The  bike is sturdy, comfortable, stable and also just smooth to ride thanks to its good quality front suspension forks. The bike just works fine on hills, slopes, flat terrains basically making it versatile.

The fact that its unique frame is made of aluminum accentuated with a full suspension fork is something that gives the rider a really smooth riding experience regardless of the surface where it is being ridden. The bike’s front suspension forks not only work to offer comfort on bumpy surfaces but also allows the rider to have more control of the bike. The gearing system of the bike is also just so amazing because they are Shimano featuring 21 speeds with a three-piece crank offering a wide gear range.

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Features of The 26″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Men’s Mountain Bike

  • It has a 4-bar linkage suspension frame made of aluminum for increased strength.
  • It features 21 gears that help the rider to conquer even the toughest of hills.
  • It features a rear Shimano gearing system for better gear change.
  • The crank of the bike is 3-piece offering variety gear change to the rider.
  • It has well designed linear pull brakes.
  • It has got 26 ‘’alloy rims that are rust proof and light weight too.
  • The handlebars of the bike are made of bike.
  • Its seat is padded to enhance comfort.
  • Front fork features high quality shocks for smooth riding experience on bumpy roads and also better control of the rider.

Its generally comfortable ride

One of the great qualities of a bike is the comfort it can offer to you especially when riding on uneven road surfaces. The 26’’ wheel mongoose ledge men’s bike features suspension forks on the front and a spring shock on the bike tires. This is what makes the bike to be very comfortable even when riding off-road. With the front forks of the bike featuring high quality shock absorbs riding on any bumpy roads is just so interesting and wonderful. The shocks also enable you to have even better control of the bike in a rough a road.

Its speed

This mountain bike has got hand-gripped sifters that work perfectly well allowing you to change gears with ease when need arises. Its 21-speed gearing system makes it possible for you to deal with any kind of terrain. Even very steep hill climbs that cyclists with other bike might find challenging do not pose much of a challenge to the 21’’ wheel Mongoose ledge men’s bike. The 3-piece crank that the mongoose bike has is what makes it such as good mountain climber.

Braking System

The braking system of the bike is also just so excellent in that it features the linear pull brakes that allow you the rider to have even more control. Its linear pull braking system is particularly ideal in emergency braking situations. The well designed tire treads on the bike also contribute to its generally good braking compared to other types of bikes due the great grip on them.


The wheels of the bike are 26 inches fabricated alloy rims ensuring durability and also lightweight. The fabricated alloy rims also work well to be rust proof meaning that the rims won’t rust even in wet weather.

Its excellent design and construction

Just like the rest of other Mongoose bikes the 26’’ wheel mongoose ledge men’s bike is tale of unique and great design and construction. Its aluminum frame is strong, sturdy, lightweight and will perform well for you whether on the road or on the cycle trail. It is really a stylish  bike that brings out a rather unique mongoose look just as its name suggests.

  • Is affordable yet versatile.
  • Is easy to assemble.
  • Features a strong frame that is durable and stylishly unique.
  • It is light weight.
  • It has kickstand.
  • The seat wears out rather fast and gets uncomfortable in long rides.
  • It small frame is not ideal for riders who are over 6’2 in height.
  • Does not have any place on the frame to place a water bottle.

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Final verdict

The 26’’ wheel Mongoose ledge men’s mountain bike is a fairly priced entry level mountain bike which will offer you the most you may want from a bicycle. It works perfectly well on the road and also off-road riding excursions. What makes it such a great bike for cycle trails is attention to detail suspension system. Its front fork has got excellent shocks that work well in absorbing shocks you may encounter while riding on rough terrains. There is also the rear spring fitted on the back wheel for an added layer of comfort. The frame is made of aluminum making lightweight and strong. The good points of the bike doesn’t just stop there, it features a unique mongoose-like stylish designed frame setting it apart from other types of  bikes. The bike is readily available for purchase either from its manufacturer’s official, Amazon and other selected online stores. It is generally a good fit for entry level cyclists who are just starting it out in the cycling world. You can purchase it from Amazon to get to see how it will work for you.