Review Of The kryptonite kryptolok series 2 standard bicycle u-lock


Over the years the bicycle has become a favorite mode of transport for many people and the popularity of commuting by the bicycle has grown tremendously in the past decade. Many people are increasingly turning to the use of the bicycle as a means of their transportation for obvious reasons such as its relatively low cost, environmental friendliness and convenience. Unfortunately the growing in popularity of bicycle use has also come with the problem of bicycle theft. To address the problem of bicycle theft, many companies have designed different types of bicycle locks. Let us now look exclusively at one of the available bicycle locks, the kryptonite kryptolok series 2 standard bicycle u-lock .

The Kryptonite Kryptolock series 2 bicycle u-lock is made by the Kryptonite Company, a quality bicycle and motorcycles accessories manufacturer. The company claims to be the pioneer manufacturer of bicycle u-locks. The Kryptonite Kryptolock bicycle u-lock is a very strong bicycle u-lock made of 13 millimeter tough steel shackle. The u-lock also comes with a 4 ft flex cord for an added layer of security. Interestingly, it comes at an amazingly affordable price,which is fairly good for a high quality bicycle lock. Most bicycle locks that are of good quality are normally quite expensive.

Overview of the u-lock’s specifications

  • The u-lock is ideal for locking bicycles that are normally left unattended for hours when owners go inside buildings in towns either to shop, for appointments, etc.
  • The u-lock is a key lock type with a thickness of 13 millimeters.
  • It consists of hardened steel and steel cable that has been used in the 4ft flex cord.
  • Its dimensions are: for the lock 9 by 4 inches, the flex cable is 48 inches long.
  • It is usually best mounted on the frame of the bicycle.
  • Its weight is amazing; it weighs 3lbs 10 ounces.
  • The u-lock features bumpers that have used to help minimize noise during its transportation.

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How can it be used to lock a bicycle?

The u-lock has got a 13mm steel shackle that is very tough and hard. The shackle can be opened and then a bicycle placed on a pole, then the lock can then be placed on the frame of the bicycle and locked against a pole as shown in the diagram below:

The Kryptonite Kryptolock bicycle u-lock used to lock a bike on a pole

This bicycle u-lock comes in handy for cyclists who use their bicycles as their means of transport in cities. Most of the time cyclists usually find it hard just to leave their bikes unattended when they need to go inside buildings for appointments or for some other errands. When you have the lock you are assured of your bike’s security.

What security guarantee does it provide against any possible bicycle theft?

Its 13mm shackle that is made of high quality steel has been toughened. It has been tested against hacksaw cutting, bolt cutters and great impact attacks all of which it has proven a hard nut to crack. The Kryptonite Kryptolock bicycle u-lock has proven to be highly resistant to any form of burglar manipulation and so will offer your bike maximum security and protection against any possible theft when left unattended.

Another guarantee you can be sure of from the bicycle u-lock is its disk-style cylinder that is highly resistant to any attempts of drilling. As an extra layer of security for the wheels of your bike, the Kryptonite Kryptolock u-lock comes with the 4ft flex cable. The cable allows you to also bind your bicycle two wheels and lock them too. This means there will be no chance left for thieves to steal your bicycle’s wheels.

Amazing features of Kryptonite Kryptolock u-lock

  • The u-lock features a 13mm toughened steel shackle that is highly resistant to hacksaw cutting or hammer beating.
  • Feature disc-style cylinder.
  • Features cross bar designing which is not easy to break.
  • Has got vinyl coating acting as alleviating any possibility of scratching your bike.
  • Comes with 2 keys that are stainless.
  • Comes with a 4ft flex cable as an added layer of security for your bicycle’s wheels.
  • Has got a revolving dust cover that protects the cylinder.
  • Is light in weight.

The pros of the Kryptonite’s bicycle u-lock:

  • It is light in weight thus easy to carry around.
  • Is strong and will not be easily drilled, attacked, or cut by a hacksaw.
  • Is affordable.
  • Comes with the 4ft flex lock for extra security to bicycle wheels.
  • The shackle is made of very tough steel.
  • Features the key safe program.
  • Has a disc cylinder that is resistant to drilling.

The cons of the Kryptonite’s bicycle u-lock:

  • Is a little cumbersome to mount on the bicycle.
  • Some users have complained of the 4ft flex cord malfunctioning after some weeks of use.


People who use bicycles as a means of their transportation especially in urban areas should consider using this bicycle u-lock. Its shackle is made of hardened steel assuring users of maximum deterrence of any possible bicycle theft. Another good feature of this bicycle u-lock is the disc cylinder which makes it difficult for burglars to use drills against it. For easy carrying, the bicycle u-lock maker made it light in weight (3lbs 10oz). If you are looking for an affordable bicycle lock you should consider this particular lock because comes at a fair price compared to other types of bicycle locks.