How to Take Your Dog on a Bike Ride

Most of us believe that bikes and dogs don’t blend. This may be the truth until you find happy dogs riding with their owners.  How do you achieve this when we know that some dogs are scared of even trying a bike ride?

We have seen dogs follow their owners on epic bicycle tour or adventure and many of us want to try the feat.  We have listed some of the tips and tricks that would help your dog cycle with you without fear.

The Paws Should Be On the Floor

It may be a catastrophic to leash your dog to a bicycle or even hold it while moving, a lot of things can happen and one of these things is toppling over. You dog may even abandon you and run off to play, not forgetting traffic and its noise.

You should get a specialized bike leashes for your dog. This would protect them from the wheels, traffic and pedals.  The leashes are attached to the rear axle or seat post, while your hands are left free for steering. The coiled springs would act immediately as shock absorbents.

You should keep in mind that the asphalt, hot or rough roads may affect the paw pads. You should ride with care and move on sandy or grassy shoulders. Don’t forget to move around with water for your pet.

Pets on Wheels

It is not every dog that can endure and also, it is not every road that is safe to let your pet run close to you. We have been able to understand and put to use the full potential of bikes. These are the ways you can take care of this:

  • Carriers and Baskets can be used in transporting small breed of dogs. These are attached to the back rack or handlebars of a bicycle.
  • Customized dog trailers can be used for dogs that are large. There are different sizes for these trailers. You can get for a medium to a heavy dog’s trailer. There are numerous shops online you can get these items.
  • Longtail Cargo Bicycles can be used to transport your dog around. This is one suitable way of ensuring that you dog moves around with you while you cycle around town.
  • The use of trikes has become one of the tools that are used. You can have your joyous ride without worrying about your dog.

Factors to Consider

These options are depended on what you can afford, the terrain you are using and where you plan to ride with your dog. We cannot forget to mention that the size of a dog matters when it comes to choosing any of these options. The personality of a dog should also be considered because some pets are not willing to be confined into anything no matter how comfortable they may be.

Before you think of taking your dog on a bike ride, make sure that you begin with a short trip. You should add the pet’s favorite bedding or blanket and give them treats to make them comfortable. There is should be harness to make them safe and don’t forget patience is needed.

Keep dog urine remover on the ride

Dogs would always be dogs, no matter how we train them. They would urinate and this may happen on their beddings or blankets.  This may delay your bike ride if you cannot stomach the smell of their urine. How do you handle this type of situation? There are dog urine removers that could help solve this by eliminating the smell.

Arrange cave dog bed for safety and comfort

Before you think of taking you dog out for a ride, you should make sure that it is calm and not over excited. If your dog is excited or anxious, you can take get a cave dog bed for it. This type of bed is designed to look like a cave. The feeling of the hood, will give the dog a sense of safety and comfort.

Are you still thinking of that bike ride with your pet? With the tips we have given you, we believe that it would be a fun and safe ride for the both of you. Finally, before you think of impressing humans about your ride with your dog, make sure that your pet is satisfied and comfortable.