Top 5 tips on how to ride a road bike

how to ride a road bike

People usually ride bicycles for various reasons such as for recreation, for health and fitness and also as a sport as in the case of professional cyclists. Cycling is one of the best physical activities recommended by most health experts to people due its great health benefits. Below are some good reasons why you should consider cycling:

Cycling offers the best muscle workout

Unlike other muscle workout exercises that are often strenuous and more likely to cause injury, cycling is less strenuous easy to perform and enjoyable too. As you cycle every major muscle in your body gets involved in one way or another. This allows almost every part of the body to get worked out leaving the rider physically fit.

Cycling helps build a person’s stamina fast

Those who cycle often are always fit and have stamina and strength. This happens because when a person cycles regularly his/her stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness increases fast.

It is the easiest kind of exercise a person can perform

cycling is a very easy thing to learn and it does not require any advanced skills for beginners. As long as a person has learned how to cycle it will be quite easy to cycle at least once a day and reap its health benefits.

Cycling is enjoyable unlike other forms of exercises that can be boring

Cycling is quite enjoyable and a great number of people take cycling as their hobby. Cycling can involve touring places that you like visit and all this is just fun.
Now that you have known why cycling is beneficial to you it will be good for you to learn about some important tips that a beginner cyclist needs to know about riding a road bike.

Below are the top 5 tips on how to ride a road bike:
Ensure you wear a helmet

Before getting on the road anytime with a bike, it is important to keep yourself safe by wearing a helmet. Cyclists who go out on the roads without wearing protective gear usually suffer serious injuries when they get involved in accident especially on their heads. Wearing a helmet helps to reduce the possibility of suffering severe head injuries when you get involved in an accident. According to research, cyclists who were involved in accidents and had helmets on did not suffer any serious brain injuries compared to those who did not.

Choose a bicycle with a frame that fits you better

When purchasing a bike that you will be using regularly for your riding excursion, it is advisable to choose one with a frame that best suits your body size. To ensure this , it is better to purchase a bike from a certified bicycle dealer who will help you get a good road bike that will fit you well. Getting a road bike that fits your body size is what will help you to get the maximum benefits you wish to get from it.

Start by riding slowly and carefully

If it is your first time riding a road bike it is better that you keep yourself safe by starting off slowly. Remember that when it is your first time riding a bike you are still out of shape and you need time for you to at least build muscles and the stamina needed in the activity. You can start by riding at least thirty to forty five minutes a day and then you will gradually increase this as you master the art of cycling. After you have gained some bit of experience, you can increase the time and also go for the climbs and descent with tact. You can choose to ride up a steep slope as this is known to help riders build more muscles and stamina and then after a steep slope proceed straight to a descent. Doing this helps to ensure that you become more enduring as this is critical for anyone who wants to become successful in cycling.

You need to be aware of traffic rules

Before proceeding with your road bike to a road that has lots of cars and other traffic it is important that you know the traffic laws of your locality. You have to know when it is time for you to give the traffic that is coming in your opposite direction their right of way. Also mind other road users such as pedestrians to avoid accidentally knocking them as this may put you on the wrong side of the law.

Know when it is right to change gears

As you pedal uphill it is logical that you will change your gears to high gears to help you climb easily. It is also important not to ride in high gears for long periods of time and especially after you have climbed the hills and you are now going downhill. When going downhill it is better to shift to your low gears as this will allow you do more revolutions without tiring your muscles, this will also give you the exercises you need to be a better rider.