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Guidelines to follow for the guest bloggers

The guidelines have been set to ensure that we provide our visitors with high-quality contents and maintain standard as much as possible. That is why, everyone interested to contribute article(s) for our site are requested to follow them in a precise way.

The required guidelines to follow for submitting article(s) are mentioned below-

  • To the point, original, well-organized and short (800-1000 words) articles are wanted
  • Use proper post formatting (SEO Friendly)
  • Do not Copy & Paste article(s) from other site(s); if you use article(s) from other site(s), even if from your own blog(s), Site the URL in the resource section
  • Provocative, offensive and defamatory contents are not allowed
  • Use at least two high-quality images/screenshots that can be reproduced for the website and are relevant to the article/post containing them
  • Mention whether the used images are taken from Free Stock Photo or not; if not, make sure you give credit to the author in the resource section
  • We reserve the right to deny any article/post submitted
  • We reserve the right to edit any article/post to make it better


Additional information

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