GMC Denali Road Bike Review


The GMC Denali road bike can be termed as a versatile road bike for obvious reasons. The road bike can be used for day to day commuting purposes, for racing or for fitness purposes. The advantage of the bike is the fact it can serve all the three purposes exceptionally well due to its quality. The bike is made by the Kent International which is an American reputed bicycle’s manufacturer that also makes a wide range of other bicycles. GMC Denali bike comes in a variety of models all of which are designed to fit the preferences of different people. The bike feature several characteristics which are good. One characteristic of the bike is the design which is just so attractive and compelling to anyone who comes in close sight of it. The bike can be used for long distance riding trips and also for rides that require speeds thanks to its well-designed gear system. Its gear system is just so easy to operate making it easy for even beginner riders to able to use it perfectly well.

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Features of the GMC Denali 700c Road Bike

The frame of bike

The bike features a lightweight aluminum 6061 frame which is strong and sturdy. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to carry the bike if you need to carry may be to place it on the rack or even upstairs if you stay in a flat. The joints of the frame are expertly welded together well thus making the frame particularly to be clean looking and strong. The frame’s sturdiness allows for a great riding experience on the bike making it the bike one of best long distance budget bikes ever made.

The braking of the bike

The bike features alloy caliper brakes which makes it braking system good enough although one undoing is the brake pads that come with the bike which don’t last that long. The best you could do is at least replace the brake pads with other better ones which are of good quality in order to have a bike with an effective braking system. With at least ten dollar  you will be able to purchase good quality brake pads that you can then fix on the bike.

The weight of the bike

Most budget bikes usually feature steel frames as opposed to the expensive high-end bikes that have frames made of high quality aluminum. When steel is used to make the frame of a bike the result is often a very heavy bike. A bike being heavy is usually not a very appealing feature because bikes need to be as lightweight as possible. The GMC Denali 700c bike indeed scores highly as a budget bike that still remains lightweight weighing just 29 pounds which is just 10 pounds more than the more advanced bikes selling for thousands of dollars. The bike being lightweight makes it even more appealing to potential users keen on acquiring cheap bikes that will still offer them the quality they need.

The design of the road bike

The designing of the bike is also another area where bike scores highly too. It has a really good construction and stylish look and the engineers that designed it must have taken a good amount of their time doing what they knew best. It generally good design and construction can confuse people to think that the bike is a very expensive bike beyond the reach of ordinary beginner cyclists.

The gearing system of the bike

The bike has got a great gearing system that makes it a very speedy road bike that comes at a fraction of a price. The bike features a Shimano derailleur and a Shimano Revo shifter all of which makes the bike have 21 speeds system. This makes the bike be able to attain even great speeds. Of particular interest is the Shimano Revo shifter on the bike which allows a cyclist to change gears without having to take his/her hands of the handlebar for more safety and stability.

The wheels, fork and saddle of the bike

The road bike comes with the 700c tires that are of high performance ideal for any vigorous street racing event. The quality alloy rims of the bike are of 36 spokes from Boyd Vitesse ensuring that even slightly heavier riders can still use the bike for exercising with ease. The alloy rims also helps to contribute to the overall good weight of the bike.
The fork of the bike is made from high quality steel something that makes the bike really strong. The fork is designed in such a way that it absorbs shocks when you are riding on bumpy or uneven roads.

  • Features a stylish construction that is lightweight.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors such black & green, black & silver, black, pink, silver, and gold.
  • The seat post clamps down really well.
  • A good quality  bike that is affordable.
  • Good wheels that gives a really comfortable ride.
  • An aerodynamic and stylish design.
  • The brake pads it comes with are not so good and need to be replaced.
  • The saddle angle is not adjustable.
  • Its pedals are kind of narrow.
  • Important features of the bike at a glance:
  • The frame is made from high quality frame that is lightweight yet strong.
  • Comes with high-end rims and tires for an enhanced riding experience.

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Final Verdict

The GMC Denali 700c road bike is great entry level road bike that a beginner cyclist can opt for. It comes at an affordable cost but still just offers almost the same advantages that the more expensive high-end  bikes offer. If you are a cyclist who enjoys touring, commuting, or racing then this bike will still be your best bet. Because it usually shipped to users who have ordered it from online stores like Amazon, it often comes in parts. The good news is that its assembly is just so easy and won’t take much of your time.