Why you should consider a full suspension mountain bike

full suspension mountain bikeCurrently there exist a wide variety of bicycle types for bike lovers to choose from. Bicycles are often categorized depending on the different purposes for which they are designed. There are two major common types of bikes which are the mountain bike and road bike. In this particular article we are going talk more about the mountain bikes and more so about the full suspension mountain bike and its features. We are going to discuss the reasons why a mountain bike lover should consider going for a full suspension mtb. First it is important to understand what a full suspension mountain bike is:

The two major types of mountain bikes

There are two main types of mountain bikes which are the full suspension mountain bike and the hard tail mountain bike. A full suspension mtb is a mountain bike that has suspension equipped in both of its wheels, front and back. A mountain bike that has only one suspension on the front fork is called the hard tail mountain bike.

How does the full suspension mountain bike compare with the hard tail mountain bike?

A full suspension mountain bike as mentioned above is a mountain bike that has got suspension in the front fork and also suspension fitted on its rear wheel. What makes it amazing is the fact that its comprehensive suspension ensures the bike has better traction when compared to a mountain bike that has only front suspension fork. The complete suspension found on both wheels helps the wheels to track the ground much better. This comes in handy for the rider when the rider is maneuvering a corner or climbing as the wheels remain firmly on the ground.

A full suspension mtb is also great at absorbing shocks usually experienced when riding on uneven roads that are bumpy and rough. This also helps to reduce the rider’s likelihood of falling off from the bike thanks to its comprehensive suspension. Another advantage of riding a full suspension mtb is the comfort it offers. The bike’s rear suspension is responsible for absorbing shocks which are usually experienced on the rear wheels hard tail mountain bikes on the other hand do not have any suspension on their rear wheels that will absorb such hits. This ensures that a rider does not end up feeling all beat up and exhausted after long distance ride on rough terrain.

Full suspension mountain bikes have also been found to be a lot faster when descending compared to their hard tail counterparts. This is explained by the fact that full suspension mountain bikes feature bump absorption and good traction capabilities something that the hard tail mountain bikes lack. A bike that has got full suspension has got more capabilities when going downhill especially on a rugged surface that one that lacks complete suspension. Maneuvering corners at high speeds on a fully suspended mountain bike is also easy compared to the hard tail versions. Also riders that have full suspension mountain bikes usually experience lots of fun thanks to the comfort, better control, and the ability to attain high speed even on rough roads.

The downsides of full suspension mountain bikes you ought to know about

Full suspension mountain bikes are really fun and great to ride and own especially for riders who like off-road riding excursions. The one major downside of full suspension bikes is that unlike front fork suspension bikes they are expensive. You also got to know that expensive does not just mean its cost at the shop but also in terms of routine servicing and maintenance.

Another downside of full suspension mountain bikes is the fact that they tend to be much heavier than hard tail mountain bikes. Full suspension mountain bikes have more shock absorbers on them something that explains why they a little heavier.

Final thoughts on the full suspension mountain bikes

There are two major types of mountain bikes available in the market today for bicycle lovers to choose from today. There is the full suspension mountain bike and the hard tail mountain bike and both have their pros and cons when compared. A full suspension mtb offers better features to riders more than the hard tail one. Some of these features include better traction, stability, and comfort on rough and bumpy roads. It has also been established that full suspension mountain bikes are usually faster than hard tail mountain bikes when especially when descending on rough and bumpy roads at high speeds.

Full suspension mountain bikes also come with their downsides with the main one being their high costs leaving out of reach for many riders. They are also expensive to maintain and service and other riders have also complained of their heaviness compared to hard tail mountain bikes. On average even with the few cons they still remain the best overall mountain bikes that any off road bike lover should consider getting!