Top 7 Exercise Bike Brands On The Market

Sole Fitness Manufacturers: this one can be used for commercial purposes or at home. It’s of high Quality and can be used by most sizes trainees holding up to 300 pounds and still maintain its original stability. They fall into three categories: upright and recumbent bikes for general use and physical rehabilitation, and for competitive cycling practice called indoors cycle trainer .It has comfortable cushioned pedals for comfort-ability. Upright and recumbent bikes have Bluetooth for connecting with the Sole Fitness mobile app for supporting program setup, data storage and data sharing with other apps .This bike has a heart rate monitor.

BH Fitness: It has great reputation for quality control and great customer services. Their fitness bikes are mostly used in gyms and also for home fitness. They make upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycle trainers. These bikes are smooth and quite of high capacity ranging from 300-400 pounds. Provide Wireless heart rate monitoring and heart rate control on almost every bike, including the indoor cycle trainers.

Vision Fitness: A kind of bike which has wireless heart rate monitoring device. It is built of steel and holds up to 400 pounds. This kind of brand can be used for commercial purposes since it has easy to use screens which give guidelines to the trainers and trainees.

True Fitness: they are mostly used for home use with a weight limit of up to 350 pounds. It contains a heart rate sensor on their handlebars and also polar compatible heart rate receiver. It has a third cardio feature HRC CRUISE CONTROL. It can control the bikes challenge level to help the user exercise within a given heart rate zone. These bikes has monitors and USB ports that use energy from work out but not from electricity or batteries.

Nordictrack: This brand has three types of exercise bikes namely:-

  • Upright bike
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Indoor cycle trainers.

Upright and recumbent are programmed for workouts and entertainment with light flywheels. These bikes are mostly used by people on weight loss mission and fitness. In the other hand Indoor cycle trainers bikes don’t have high technology features but with heavy flywheels with chains. Recumbent bikes have good cushioned seats which are very comfortable and ventilated. Standard and Recumbent bikes have digital powerful knob to monitor resistance levels for beginners. NordicTrack bikes houses a heart rate monitoring system and also auto breeze fans that respond to your speed. User weight capacity ranges from 250-350 pound. These bikes are easily movable from one room to the other and occupy less space.

Peloton Exercise Bikes: These type of bikes bring studio style experience into private homes and world-class instructions for also have a mobile app for an automated workout. Has unlimited spin classes and even some feature live DJ, with this kind of brand you can get on demand yoga classes. It also magnetic resistance to accommodate all skill levels and operates quietly, unlike cycle trainers with chains this machine’s user weight capacity is 305 pounds

The bike frame is made up of carbon steel. The frame is joined to keep the machine at a low-maintenance state, and its powder coated for long lasting terms. This powerful frame weighs 125 pounds. The mobile app for iOS allows the members to sort through class offerings, schedule workout reminders, and log statistics automatically. A Bluetooth connection on the bike can synchronize with your smartphone or tablet.

Matrix Fitness Bikes: These bikes supports commercial and at-home training. Home exercise bike is compatible with three consoles with different displays, different workout programming and different features for entertainment or multitasking during exercise. Bike frames are conveniently compact, but also very capable and also made of steel to support up to 350 pounds. Two resistance systems are there, one is magnetic resistance, which is the standard for most brands’ highest quality recumbent and upright cardio trainers. The other is induction resistance. The bike seats are very easy to adjust to suit riders of different sizes.