Diamondback Sorrento Review – Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback Sorrento Review: Do you want to go on a ride around the neighborhood, town or on the hilly tracks? Looking for a perfect mountain bike for that purpose? Then you can look at the “Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike” which is suitable for the above mentioned types of ride.

This one of the most popular mountain bikes has gained much admiration for its innovative design, advanced features and reasonable price. It offers the riders a durable T6 6061 aluminum frame, 27.5-inch standard wheels, liner-disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed derailleur. Okay, we know this simple description is not enough for you and you want to know the ins and outs of this bike. Now, read the review below where we have presented this bike’s features, pros and cons, customers’ opinion etc. so that you can have a clear idea about this bike.

Diamondback Sorrento Reviews

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Features Of The Diamondback Sorrento Review

Before buying any manufactured good, you should try to know about its quality and what it is going to provide you with. The features of this bike are discussed below.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike’s frame is made of the durable 6061-t6 heat-treated aluminum alloy. This aluminum alloy frame makes the body both lightweight and sturdy. It is easy to control for its lightweight. This frame guarantees long life of the cycle and has replaceable derailleur hanger.

Super Suspension Fork

The suspension fork of this bike is 60mm-travel fork which is called the Trail XC. Rear shock ahead is 11/8 inch. This suspension fork is effective, absorbs shock well and allows you to travel over rough and hilly tracks without the fear of bumps. It also assures that you can ride for long and can come back comfortably without any back-pain.

Adjustable Frame Size

It is not easy to get a bike with adjustable frame size. In many cases, it is seen that people cannot buy a bike just because it is not available in size(s) adjustable to them. To do away with such problems, this bike has the  adjustable frame size option and it comes in 4 sizes- 16-inch small, 18-inch small/medium, 20-inch medium and 22-inch large frame. You can grab any size you like and that which suits you properly.

Powerful Brakes

Breaks are very important parts of a bike since they ensure safety for the riders. This bike boasts the newest technology used for its brakes and its Tektro Alloy Linear brakes are straightforward and assures efficient stopping ability in a safe way.

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Smooth Gears and Reliable Shifters

The 7-speed derailleur with the reliable and steady SRAM trigger shifters are perfect for the high-speed enthusiasts and for those who loves to ride through the hilly trails. These efficient gears will let you to speed up your bike and to overcome all the obstacles of the uneven terrain.

  • Strong and Durable Frame
  • Smooth Gearing System
  • Reliable Shifting
  •  Easy to Assemble
  • Easily Affordable
  • Available in Different Sizes
  • Great bike at its price range
  • Standard wheel’s size
  • Straight Forward Brakes
  • Pedals quality is not too good
  • No kickstand


The price of the Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail complete mountain bike varies as per its frame size. But the price is mostly reasonable. Taking the features it offers in account, this bike seems to be cheap. For more details about price…. check out the link given below:

Diamondback Sorrento Review

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Customers’ Opinions

We all want to buy a good quality product that would serve our purposes properly. That is why, we need to know what others who bought the same product before think about it. To make sure you get the customers’ opinions on any product, web-sites like Amazon has sections for customers’ reviews and if you want to read customers’ reviews on this bike on your own, you can go to amazon website.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Are the wheels quick release?
Answer: Yes, they are.

Question: Is this bike’s frame made of aluminum or steel?
Answer: It has an aluminum alloy frame.

Question: Is it possible to add disk brakes to this bike?

Answer: Yes. You can install rear disc brakes. To install front disc brakes, you need a new fork that is compatible with disc brakes.

Question: Does this bike have lever shifting or button shifting?
Answer: It has lever shifting.

Question: My friend is 5′ tall and I’m 5′ 6″. Are Small and Medium sizes good for us?

Answer: Diamondback mountain bike recommends a XXS (4’8″-5’1″) for your friend and SM (5’4″-5’7″) for you. I am 5′ 10 and the MD (5’7″-5’10”) suits me just fine.

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FINAL VERDICT Of Diamondback Sorrento Review

Diamondback Sorrento mountain bikes have established their identity as one of the best entry level bikes. If you love to ride on trails or off road, this is the most suitable bike for you. This is lightweight, sturdy and comfortable and so is preferred by all the riders; mainly, the entry level riders. After all, this bike boasts having everything you need. Its design, advanced features and offered functions are all commendable. You must purchase this bike as soon as possible if you want an enjoyable ride. This is the best mountain bike within its price range.

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