DIAMONDBACK OVERDRIVE SPORT 29er With a Spectacular Design

Are you looking for a mountain bike? Here the Diamond Overdrive Sport 29er will be the best choice for you. I spent a lot time in researching to select best mountain bike for you. Finally I got it. This bike is very much spectacular in design and price is reasonable. So you should not be agonized for the budget.This Diamond overdrive sports 29er is possessed with Alloy aluminum frame, super suspension fork, double wall rims and hydraulic disc brakes.

To know bike’s more information, please keep reading. I hope, before buying, you will get enough information about this bike that will surely serve your purpose. We made the best review for you, and this review will give you the bike’s complete feature, pros and cons and customer’s personal opinion.Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er

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Bike Features Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er

1. Aluminum Alloy Frame

This bike is constructed with butted 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy Overdrive 29r frame. It provides you most advantageous strength and long lasting service years to come. Using aluminum frame instead of steel makes it lighter in weight.

2. Super Suspension Fork

Besides lightweight aluminum alloy frame, it has 29 100mm Suntour XCR-LO  travel fork. It will guarantee you a smooth and luxurious suspension experience. You will also get most favorable control on your bike when you are riding.

3. Enormous Wheels

The bike has great diameter 29-inch wheels which can roll over in any kind of trails, whether big or small, with much effortlessness. The 29-inch wheels also help you overcome any obstacle in your way. You will experience the best footing, speed and maneuverability during the riding.

4. Double Wall Rims

This bike offers you reliable 32h diamond SL-7 Double wall rims. It makes the best suitable with your 29-inch great wheels.

5. Top Quality Hydraulic Disc brakes

This Diamond Overdrive bike comes with Shimano BR-M935 hydraulic brakes which can perform exceptionally fantastic, whether in wet or muddy conditions, without damaging to the rims or brake pad. They are more durable and extremely effective brakes that you will be able to make a safety stop in any kind of terrain along the way.

6. Advanced Gearing Tools

The Shimano SLR-310shifters and the Shimano Rear derailleurs8spd provide a smooth and reliable shift through the 24-gear combination. That enables you to switch to various speeds on the different terrain and your personal preferences.


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Bike price is not either far more expensive or cheap. Sometimes people are looking for low prices materials but they don’t know those are not equipped with sophisticated materials and even not having well geared or breaking control. It may cause serious accidents when cycling in uneven tracks. Price of this bike is reasonable. You can buy it without burning your wallet.

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1. Solid Trail Bike
2. The Bike is artistically pleasing for its spectacular design.
2. Its adjustable suspension fork enables you to perform in any preference.
3. 29-inch wheels help you roll over any obstacle.
4. Brakes are well-organized hydraulic Disc Brakes
5. Tires are able to perform on a variety of ground.
6. Extremely easy to assemble
7. Bike’s components are reliable and functional
8. It’s available in different sizes. You can select your size according to your height


1. The seat of this bike is little bit uncomfortable specially when you want to go to long distance drives. But not to be tense, you change it if you wish!
2. Rear Derailleur may need to readjust before started using this bike.

Customer Opinions

I have seen the public review from Amazon. There are many people reviewed it. Almost everyone who talked about it showed positive opinion. For further details, click on the link to see public reviews from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Question: Does it come with a menu book how to assemble in home?
Answer: Amazon will deliver this item in a complete shape including a menu book. There you will get idea how to assemble. If you get it difficult, you can get help from the agents.

Question: Will 29 inch wheels help to run faster?
Answer: Yes, bigger wheels are always for easy rolling. It helps you to overcome all obstacles along the way.

Question: I’m little short in size. Will it be suitable for me?
Answer: No, I don’t think because it’s for tall riders. Better you try 27.5 or 26 inch wheels bike.

Question: Can I use it as an entry level mountain bike ?
Answer: Yes, it is considered as an entry level bike. If you are entry level biker, you can buy it.

Question: Is overdrive sport 29er bike long lasting?
Answer: Yes , This bike is durable.

Question: Is this bike easy to ride on mountain?
Answer: Yes, you can easily ride with this bike.

Question: Does it have double rims?
Answer: This bike is made of double wall rims.

Final verdict

Best quality mountain bikes are those which guarantee you efficiency, stability, safety and durability. It should be made of superior quality yet lightweight material like alloy aluminum, which makes it easy to access under any kind of terrain and qualities that are almost prevailing in this Diamond Overdrive Sports 29er bike. If you are looking for a bike with the best recipe between performance and value, the Diamondback Overdrive 29er mountain bike will no doubt be the best bike for you. Most importantly for the entry level bikers, it’ll be the best choice ever. Though the uncomfortable sit for long distance rider and read derailleur which can easily be replaced, the 29-inch Diamond Overdrive  is a highly reputable bike offering the value of your money.