Review Of Diamondback 2016 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

Nowadays, hybrid is one of the most popular bikes for the casual bike riders. The Diamondback 2016 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike is the combination of highest quality performance and lots of innovative features. If you want to drive smoothly in off road or rough track, this hybrid bicycle will make the task easier for you.

This bike is boasted with high quality features like aluminum frame with sport hybrid geometry, suspension fork and seat post for added more cushioning. After all, this is one of the greatest bikes of hybrid bikes series. You are requested to keep reading so that you can gather better knowledge about this hybrid bicycle.

Features of Diamondback 2016 Edgewood

When you set up your mind to buy a bike, it is strategically and enormously important to know what kind of features that bike is going to provide you. So let’s take a look at the main features of this Diamond 2016 Complete Hybrid Bicycle.


Strong and Lightweight Frame

This hybrid bike is made of 6061 t6 aluminum frame with hybrid geometry. The frame  made of aluminum makes it light-weight and more strong and improves its durability. Since its weight is light, you can easily control your bike. This high quality frame also guarantees for long lasting use and easy riding.

Restful Positioning

This hybrid geometry is made for upright pedaling position because the head tubes are built in slightly higher position. This allows the bike to be perfect for long distance riding. The seat post is added for cushioning. Again, adjustable plane handlebars and nice padded DB deluxe hybrid cushy saddle with seat-post which is kind to your butt and ellipse shaped grips are comfortable on your hands.The suspension fork is 63mm travel sport front suspension. It is really helpful for comfortable riding

Smooth Gears and Shifters

The derailleur and shifters are the product of renowned company Shimano. The 21-speed drivetrain gives the wide ranges of gearing option for different terrains. And shifters are Shimano EF 51 trigger shifters for smooth gear shift. You can accelerate your bike’s speed at any situation; all credit goes to gears and shifters.

Safely Stopping

This hybrid bike has very high quality brake system. Liner pull Tektro Brake always ensures your safety at most. These soft-hearted aero brakes are worked excellent ion both dusty and wet roads so that you can stop your bike at once. These brakes allow to drive smoothly without thinking about the safety; so no problem with this.

Great Wheels and Rims

The wheels of this bike are 700 inch and this is the biggest size of bike wheels in the world. The bigger the wheels are, the more they are able to absorb shock up the bumps. Tires are good, the spokes are made of stainless steel and rims are made of double wall alloy. The combination of rims and tires are phenomenal, and it can assure you for relaxed and snag free journey.

Technical Details

  • Complete Hybrid Bicycle.
  • Available in Black color only.
  • Aluminum Frame Material.
  • 29 x 42 x 55 inches is its package height.
  • Shipping Weight is 41.89 pounds.
  • Font Suspension by Shimano.
  • 700 inches great wheels.
  • Tires are Kenda Cross 700x40c.
  • Tektro Alloy Linear brakes

Price Details

When you are ready for buying a bike, the main task is to consider about the price of this product. Again, you have to compare the facilities you have on sparing money.  So, in this question, I can assure you its price is very much reasonable, indeed cheaper because it offers a wide range of facilities. If you want to grab the same features you might spare extra 100 dollars on the other products.Know more about prize. You can see the link below:

Customers Reviews

A reliable customer review is always helpful for a customer to know about a product more precisely. So, we always try to present you an authentic customer review. From Amazon customer review option, we tried to pick the valuable customers opinions. There are many  people who made some important comments . For example, a reviewer  comments,  “it’s a great bike, within price range.” However, some of other reviewers rated as negative  and they said that it’s hard to assemble, no kickstand etc. But after all, most of them left positive comment and you can rely on this bike’s capability.

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  • Comfortable positioning
  • Strong frame geometry
  • Powerful brakes and safe stopping
  • Light-weight frame, easy to control
  • Compact and smooth gear shifters
  • Great Tires 27 inch
  • Versatile riding ability
  • Suitable for all people
  • Bike is durable
  • Efficient and smooth rolling
  • No kickstand included; you have to buy it separately
  • No lock-outs on the fork
  • Difficult to assemble but not impossible


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What kinds of tools are required for assembly?

Answer: The tools you need are included with the bike set. And Phillips screwdriver is better than other tools. It is really easy to assemble if you used that.For Assembling Information website

Question: I’m 5.8 inch. Is the 19 inch bike big for me?

Answer: I don’t think so but you can check bike sizing chart on Amazon or just go Google and search bike sizing chart.

Final Verdict

At the end of the part, I can suggest you the “Diamondback Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike” is a good bike if you are ready to buy this. Though it doesn’t have rear gear carrier, it is a complete package of good and innovative features. If you look at its price, it is also very low. So, I can suggest you within a short budge you can buy a good bike like it.