Review Of Dahon speed Uno Folding Bike


The Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike is another bike that Dahon has made for bike lovers who prefer bikes that can be folded. Dahon is an industry leader in the manufacture of high quality folding bikes and in fact was the first bicycle maker to unveil the first folding bike in the world. Dahon brothers the founders of the company realized the need of some their customers for bikes which could easily be dismantled and carried with ease and decided to make folding bikes to meet their customer’s needs. The Dahon Uno Folding Bike single speed folding bike is just another folder bike in Dahon’s line of folding bike series.

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The Uno folding bike is simple and can be used even by entry level cyclists who need a bike that they can use for commuting to their destinations in urban areas on a daily basis. Its simple design makes it ideal for use even in busy streets that is packed with many people. Unlike the Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike which has got up to seven gears, the Uno folding Bike only has got only one gear. It is suitable for use in the urban set-up where there are no steep hills to climb which may otherwise prove a lot challenging to the rider due to its single gear.

Features of the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike

The frame of the bike

The frame of the folding bike is made of Matt featuring the K series superlite-4130 chromolgy which according to experts is even stronger than high tensile steel. Actually the strength of the bike’s frame can be proven by the stiffness you will feel when riding it. To further accentuate the sturdiness of the frame for an overall strength and stability of the bike, Dahon put the DoubleLok system on it. This system helps to firmly lock the hinge parts on the bike.

The chain guard of the bike

Some bicycles usually lack a chain guard meaning that the chain can easily trap the cyclist’s long clothes and stain them easily. This safety feature however has come with some compromise which is a little bit of some noise that you will hear as you cycle caused by the chain touching on the chain guard.

Its magnetic latching system

The Dahon speed Uno bike an amazing magnetic latching system (Dahon Magnetix). This feature is what helps to hold the bike together when it has been folded. Another additional feature called the DoubleLok system helps to ensure that the latch system is effective.

Its rear coaster braking system

The bike features a rear coaster brake system which is the only brake on the bike because there is no brake on the
front wheel. This coaster braking system is quite different from the other ordinary types of bike brakes which are often attached on the handlebar and pulled by the hands when braking. Its coaster brake is internally place in the rear hub and any rider not used to it needs some bit of getting used to it to use it effectively. The coaster kind of brake usually needs the rider to allow for some more braking distance. Because the coaster brake is placed in the rear freewheel a rider, apply so much power when
braking may make the bike skid thus reducing the bike’s efficiency.

The handlebar post

The handlebar post of the Dahon Uno folding bike is fixed and is not adjustable as that of the Dahon Speed D7. Fortunately the height of the seat of the bike is easy to adjust and can be adjusted to accommodate riders with heights of up to 6’’4’’.

The pedals

The bike features a Suntour folding and non-flip pedal which is one disadvantage of the bike considering the fact that they are made of plastic which is not tough. The bearing of the pedals are not all that good and it is also difficult to take the pedals apart.

Folding time of the bike

The bike is just so easy to fold and will take just a maximum of 10 seconds to completely fold. This is made possible by the fact that the bike and its pedals fold quickly. In it folded size its dimensions are 29.7 by 76.2 by 63.5.

Additional features of the Folding Bike

  • Has got a very strong aluminum kickstand.
  • It is free-standing when in its folded state and easily rests on a tripod-like manner by way of its two wheels with the bottom of the seat post in the center.
  • It exhibits a beautiful black matt finish and also has got both front and rear reflectors for its improved visibility at night.
  • It has got broad tires which are good at absorbing shocks whilst riding on roads with potholes. The broad tires also ensure its stability on the road and eliminate the possibility of it skidding on wet road surfaces.
  • It has got a very comfortable seat which is good for daily use or for long riding excursions.

Does the manufacturer Dahon offer workmanship warranty of the bike?

Yes , Dahon offers its customers 1-year warranty.

Final Verdict

For bicycle lovers who like folding bikes and are not so keen on speedy kinds of bikes the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike can be their best bet. It is a very simple folding bike that is affordable price. It is very strong and is so easy to ride especially in a busy town or city thanks to its simplistic design. Students or workers who need to commute to their respective destinations on a daily basis can find this particular folding bike so ideal. Carrying it around is just so easy after folding it as it can easily be placed in a car’s boot without so much effort. The only undoing features of the bike are the pedals made of plastic and its single gear. If you are looking for an entry level folding bike that will surely meet your needs then try the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike.