Review Of Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike


A bicycle enthusiast will go for a bike that meets all requirements that he/she admires in a bike. For some people owning a folding bike is something that is usually so tempting that they can’t resist. The Dahon speed P8 folding bike is an example of the numerous folding bikes that have now become a popular preference of a cross section of bicycle lovers. So which company is behind this amazing folding bike? The Dahon P8 folding bike is made by Dahon which is was the first company to manufacture the world’s first bicycle that could be folded and stored with ease. The company was established by the Hon brothers who managed to grow their company to become one of the most reputed Bicycle Companies in the world.

The Folding Bike is a folding bike that can be used for a number of riding excursions. This is a bike that you can use to commute to your workplace within the city everyday without it causing you any inconvenience. It can easily be folded and placed under the bus or train seat with ease. It is comfortable and also has speed gears meaning you have the option of shifting gears whenever you want to go faster.

Features of Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike

The bike’s wheels size

Unlike most bicycles that usually have larger wheels with big circumferences the Dahon Speed Folding Bike has a generally small wheel circumference of just 20 inches. This small circumference of the wheels is a good feature of the bike because the bike can move at greater speeds but still remain very stable due to the lowered center of gravity (COG).

The bike comes with high quality tires which are high pressure impact something that makes it very smooth and comfortable to ride on.

The size of the bike when folded

This is the most amazing thing about this folding bike because it can be folded to an amazingly small size of 30 centimeters by 77 centimeters by 64 centimeters. This makes it possible for the bike to easily fit on a car’s boot when it has been folded for easy transportation. You can also easily fold it and place it under your train’s seat or bus seat.

The bike is also so easy to fold as it may only just take you a maximum of 15 seconds to fold!

The weight

Compared to the other Dahon bike the Dahon speed P7, it is much heavier weighing 11.90 kilos. This weight is not so good especially when going uphill as it makes the rider to use a lot more effort to be able to conquer the hills.

The speeds of the bike

Well even though Dahon P8 Bike is small it can really go so fast thanks to the seven speeds fitted on it. This makes it ideal to be used for even long distance riding like for example going for tours out of town. The bike is also ideal for short distance riding and can be used for commuting within the city.


The bike’s is made to last long thanks to its sturdy frame made of tough aluminum and the manufacturers offer their customers up to five years of workmanship warranty. This shows you the confidence the manufacturers have in the strength of the bike.

The bike is quite comfortable to ride within city conditions and is also easy to maneuver between obstacles. It also performs well when out of town on rough terrain but still be comfortable.

The frame

The frame of the bike is made of very strong aluminum making it rigid. The frame feature locking hinges that allows for the bike to be easily folded when need be. The frame’s sturdiness makes it very comfortable and versatile and better suited to handle even rough roads.

The handlebars

The handlebars are easily adjustable meaning that people of different heights can adjust the handlebars to their preferred dimensions. Actually the handlebars are made of aluminum which are strong and cannot break easily.

  • Can easily be folded to be the size of a suitcase.
  • Is very comfortable to ride on.
  • Is strong and long lasting.
  • Can be used in any weather.
  • The manufacturers offer up to five years of workmanship warranty.
  • Have readily available parts that are affordable.
  • Features multiple gears for speed.
  • Is ideal for both city and out of town riding.
  • It is a lot more heavy something that can make it a little cumbersome for some riders.


Final verdict on the Folding Bike

The Dahon Speed P8 Folding bike is one of a kind folding bike that is just so irresistible to bicycle lovers especially those who prefer folding type of bikes. It features up to eight speeds meaning that it can also be used for long distance riding tours. It features a sturdy design which assures you of its durability and comfort even on rough terrain. Another great feature of the bike is its 20 inches circumference wheels which ensure that it maintains a low center of gravity that makes it more stable even in high speeds. Folding of the bike is also just so easy and won’t take more than 15 seconds and it can be folded to the size of a suitcase for easy carrying! One downside of the bike though is its weight which is a little heavy at 26.20 pounds but its numerous great features outweigh this. For a folding bike that is of high quality like this one, makes it just so appealing. Another strong point of the bike is its sturdy frame that is made of high quality aluminum.