Top 10 Cycling Shoe Brands

cycling shoe brands

There are so many sports in the world which bring unique and special experiences to the life. Cycling is one such sport which is done by many people from young to old regardless of their ages. Cycling is not just a sport, it is an interesting hobby too. When it comes to cycling there are special and important factors that you should consider prior to get on to the cycle. Cycling shoes are one of those important factors and you should have a better couple of shoes when cycling.

When we consider about the cycling shoes, there are so many products available in the market with different brand names. Many companies have started to manufacture bike shoes as there is a huge demand for these shoes. But it is important to know what the best brands in the market are, because there are so many low quality products available and these products will often lead you for injuries. Therefore it is crucial to know the top cycling shoe brands. Following are some best cycling shoe brands available in the market.


When it comes to cycling shoes, SIDI is one brand which always comes at the first. SIDI is a cycling company which has a history of 50 years and they have delivered some best products throughout these years. This company was founded in 1960 and established in Maser, Italy. SIDI has hundreds of shoe models under their brand and SIDI Wire carbon, SIDI ERGO 4 carbon composite and SIDI KAOS are some of their best products.


Fizik is another well-known cycling shoe manufacturing which has built a better reputation in the market. Fizik has hundreds of shoe products categorized in to various categories and they are the favorite for most of the cyclists. They always use the best materials, so that they can produce high quality durable products for their customers. Fizik Infinito R1 Knit, Infinito R1 and ARIA R3 are some of the best Fizik cycling shoes available in the market.


DMT is an Italian company who are in the business for quite some time. With the use of the best raw materials and the designers, DMT provide so many high quality shoes to the market. Because of these products this company has built a good reputation in the industry. DMT R1 summer, DMT D1, DMT D3 and D5 are some of their products you can purchase.


Diadora was founded in 1948 by Marcello Danieli and their headquarters are located in Caerano di San Marco, Italy. Diadora delivers some best cyclist shoes and clothes for the market and they also manufacture football, tennis, rugby shoes and many other sports shoes. They always use the best materials when producing shoes and because of that the durability of Diadora products are really high. You will not regret purchasing a Diadora shoe pair at all.


Reebok is a well-known company which manufacture variety of sports accessories and cycling shoes are one of their best products. There are so many types of cycling shoe models which comes under the Reebok brand and they are manufactured with the best quality. They use the latest technologies and features in their cycling shoes and that affect in big time for the durability of their products. You can purchase Reebok cycling shoes for an affordable price from the market.


When it comes to the sports accessories, Adidas is a name which comes at top of any list related to sports. Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler and it is a German company. Their headquarters are located in Herzogenaurach in Germany. When we consider about the Adidas cycling shoes, there is a variety of shoe models which are integrated with the best features and latest technologies. They are produced with the best materials and Adidas is the favorite for most of the cyclists. Not only cycling shoes, they also produce the best basketball shoes for ankle support which are used by most of the basketball players.


Giro is an American company and it was founded in 1985. They manufacture lots of products related to cycling and cycling shoes are one of their best products. Attractive designs, high quality materials and the latest technology used in Giro cycling shoes, have caused them to be among the best cycling shoes in the world. Many of the professional cyclists use Giro as their shoe supplier and they are used by most of the common cyclists too. Prolight Techlace, Factor Techlace and Empire SLX are some of Giro’s best products.


Mavic is a French company which was founded by Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel. They are well-known for producing bicycle parts and cycling shoes also are one of their main products. They have the best shoe designers and specialists in the industry who are responsible for manufacturing all the high quality Mavic cycling shoes. Mavic Comete ultimate shoe, cosmic ultimate shoe and cosmic pro shoe are some of their best cycling shoe products and you can purchase all these products for a reasonable price.


Shimano is one of the best Japanese cycling companies who also have engaged in the manufacturing of cycling shoes. We all know that Japanese products always have the best quality and features in them. Shimano cycling shoes also manufactured with the best materials and they are using the latest technology and new procedures when manufacturing. They have been in the business for around a century, therefore there is no point in doubting the quality of their products. Shimano RC9, RC7, RP7 and RP9 are some of the best cycling shoe models they have.


Vittoria is an Italian company which was founded in 1953 and their headquarters are located in Madone in Italy. They are one of the best cycling companies in Italy and cycling shoes are one of their best selling products. Most of the cyclists prefer to wear Vittoria cycling shoes when they are on their cycles. They have been able to produce hundreds of shoe models with the use of latest technologies and best materials, so that they can be used for a long time. Vittoria Polar, Absolute, La Tecnica and legend are some of the best products in their products lineup.

All these shoe brands are well-known and they have built a huge reputation in the market. So that, do not hesitate in buying one of these shoes. Now you can purchase these products for a considerable price from the market.