What To Consider When Buying A Bike Pedal

To have the best pedals for your bike will make riding comfortable and enjoyable. If you just purchased your first bike, you will notice most manufacturers don’t include pedals as part of the bike because manufacturers don’t know what kind of pedals you will require for your bike. Pedals come in many types and before you purchase one here are some things you should know.

The first thing to keep in mind is, the type of the pedal you choose should be compatible with your riding shoes. It’s important to know that pedals come in many shapes and forms. Depending on what you are using your bike for, the connection between the shoes and the pedals can make or break your riding experience. I will give you some of the different types of pedals available in the market so that when making your decision it won’t be too hard.

Platform pedals-this are the most common type. For those bikes that come with the pedals, you are most likely to get this type. This model is the large flat pedals that offer a large surface for you to step on while riding. They don’t come with something to hold your feet in place. They can be used together with almost any type of shoe. Because nothing is keeping your feet, it is easier to get off in case of a crush. However, you will tend to use more power and risk an injury if you don’t step well on the pedal. If you are a downhill rider, I would recommend this type because it provides a lot of adapt-abilities.

Clipless pedals-they were invented back in the 1980s, and they offer a great connection between the rider and the bike. They provide a unique attachment for your shoe and holds your feet in place as you ride. They are the most ideal for long distance rider and for people who ride several days a week. Due to the significant connection between the foot and the pedal energy is utilized. They also make making moves like bunny hopping easier as your foot won’t bounce off the pedals. Riding shoes are required to use this pedals. There are several types of clip-less pedals available in the market, but they fall into two categories;

  • Road pedals-their cleats are wide and protrude off the sole they offer maximum power transfer. They are ideal for road cyclist who doesn’t need to get off their bike and walk for a long distance.
  • Off Road Pedals-unlike the road pedals they are small in size. They are designed to make the walk around with the bike more comfortable. They still provide power peddling efficiency. When using this pedals, it’s easier to get back into it without having to look down.

Combo pedals-they merge the advantages both clip-less and platform pedals. They have a vast surface area for stepping and clip for your shoes. They are hard to engage than clip-less, and they tend to rotate hence making clipping cumbersome.

Any pedal that you should choose should help you experience the best from your bike. It should provide the best float (the amount of angular rotation of the foot on the pedal). It should help you have the foot closer to the peddle axle to optimize the power transfer.it is also essential to consider the material used .the ideal material should be light and not slippery when wet. The best pedals are made from carbon fiber, but they are costly.

Lastly but not the least, you should take care of the pedals to help them give you a better service. Brush them when they get dirty. If they get wet, dry them with a towel. When they finally become worn out replace them to continue your good riding experience.