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Biking For Weight Loss

Biking For Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard that biking is one of the best exercises. That claim is true; biking engages your whole body as you ride. People ride for different reasons; some for fun, to pass time and at times to shed some pounds. When it gets to a point where you decide you want to lose some weight, consider biking as the fun option. The good thing about biking is that you do not strain since riding is a fun activity. Sometimes it is even hard to believe that you are losing weight while riding since it doesn’t feel like it. Biking will ensure you keep fit and in maintain the right weight. Most of the indoor cycling bike offers great performance on weight loss purpose. If you keep a smartwatch on you hand it will also help you to keep the records about calorie burn and others health information.

Watching your diet

However, as much as biking will help you to quickly lose weight, you need to watch your diet. Many people make the mistake of eating a lot of food thinking that the exercise is all that is needed to keep fit. Your diet needs to go hand in hand with the exercise in order to achieve results. You can’t eat a lot of junk and expect to lose weight. No matter how hard you ride, you will not shed any weight if your diet is not right. You need to pursue the basic nutrition rules and continue to ride strong to get rid of that extra weight.

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Unlike other types of repetitive exercises, cycling does not harm to your joints; it does the opposite.

Effect of biking on your body muscles

Cycling may be viewed as a sport that has a low impact but it benefits you in many different ways. It strengthens your hamstrings, hip muscles, quads and glutes. When these muscle parts of the body are strong, they make it easier for you to be in a position to burn fat. Cycling is better in burning fat as compared to jogging. With biking, your body continues to burn fats even after you are done with the day’s exercise. Imagine burning calories as you shower and watch television.

Cycling Guidelines for Quicker Weight loss

Normal road riding will help you to lose weight as long as you are persistent. Losing weight is not all that simple. Just like other ways of losing weight, cycling also needs elaboration, especially if you are a beginner. You have to at least cycle for sixty minutes a day. Besides cycling, you need to watch other activities that you do during the day. For example if you are going to work, park the car away from the entrance. You can select the far end of the parking lot. Cycling alone will not help you to lose weight quickly. You have other activities. Also, do it at different levels of intensity. Like it was mentioned earlier, do not forget to watch your diet. You should also try to reduce alcohol intakes if you want you want to succeed in your quest.

Setting a goal

Make a point of setting a target for yourself and stick to it. It’s always easier said than done. You should set a date, after which you should do everything to make sure you get to the target before that date reaches. Setting a goal is the best way to achieve something so it’s good to incorporate it into your training programme. Do not go too easy on yourself; it’s all about pushing yourself to the limits.

Ways to make sure you reach the set goal

As you set your goal, select a target that incorporates distance and fitness. Don’t be tempted to set a goal that is about weight loss. A good choice would be to sign up to participate in cycling race event in your area. The race should not be within your current ability. However, do not go too far from your ability. Also, inform your friends and family so that when the time comes they’ll push you to go ahead with the event. Make sure you have paid the required fees in time so that when the time comes you’ll have the drive to participate. The fact that you have paid a certain amount is enough to convince you not to miss the event.

Do away with excuses

If you are serious about losing weight, nothing should stop you. Rain shouldn’t give you a reason to skip biking. Just because you raise your curtain and see rain drops, that doesn’t give you a reason to push your cycling to a further date. Weight loss doesn’t come easy; it requires determination. You choose not to carry money with you at times so that you don’t get an excuse to board a bus on your way home. Always look at how much you could have saved if you rode your way to work. This will always be a motivation to take the paddle. You can even go to the extremes of selling your car and deleting all the taxi numbers in your contact list.

Slow but sure

Getting what you want is all about patience. Perseverance will get you to places. If you fail to achieve your results in the time that you were expecting to do so, do not lose hope. Continue taking your biking sessions seriously. You will definitely get there. Losing one to two pounds in a week isn’t a reason to get worried. In fact, that is a very healthy speed. What you should be concerned about is making sure that lost weight won’t come back. This means that you should keep cycling. Do not forget that biking will strengthen your muscles and keep you in perfect shape.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is very effective when it comes to losing weight. To start with, it’s an aerobic exercise rather than an anaerobic exercise. It involves short powerful bursts which are done repeatedly. Our bodies work in such a way that excess fat is stored to be used when there isn’t any that is readily available. You need to raise your heart rate in order burn excess calories. This is where aerobic exercises come in handy.

Why mountain biking is so effective in weight loss

Firstly, not many exercises can be easily done for more than twenty minutes. Mountain biking is something that you can do for a longtime without losing morale. It seems like an adventure where you have to explore and get a trail. After getting a trail, the fun begins. Getting your heart rate high is not such a hard task with mountain biking. Another advantage with mountain biking is that you shift your weight onto the bike. This is what separates this sport from the other exercises like running and power walking.

The good part about biking

Doing something that doesn’t require much concentration and isn’t repetitive is more exciting thus you are likely to continue for a while. There is nothing boring here. It is even better when doing it with someone else. Finding a group to accompany you will be much healthier. This way you can be encouraged to do the exercise for a longer period.


Once you discover the wonderful experience with biking, it is hard to look back. You will definitely enjoy the idea of keeping fit. Generally, biking will keep your brain active thereby ensuring you are relaxed at the end of the day. This is why you should try biking when you want to lose some pounds.