7 Bike Safety Facts You Should Always Keep On Your Mind

At some point of our life almost all of us has came across riding bicycle either in childhood or as a grown up. Cycling is fun easy and also a form of workup. For short trips or on busy traffic cycling is the best option. It is healthy for environment and also as a good physical activity. But as it is a very light form of vehicle you should always keep on your consideration some factors while and before you ride on it. In this writing we want to share some safety factors you should always keep on your mind while riding bicycles.

Be dressed in visible outfits: The very first thing to remember before starting your bicycling is to wear visible clothing. Making yourself visible to others is a very crucial thing while using the road. No matter how safely you try to stay, other dwellers action also depends on how well you are been seen.  You can use a reflective jacket, or belt or any sort of glowing materials it must be easily visible to other road users. Wear catchy colored dress so that you can easily be seen. Specially do not use deep dark colored dress at the night time.

Use safety helmet: Wearing helmet is also a must to do thing before riding bicycle. Head injuries can result in fatality. Many have this idea that bicycle helmets are not safe enough. But during an emergency it is better to have something than nothing at all. Your helmet should be selected on the basis of your cycling surrounding environment. Shape, size, hardness, comfort while wearing, price should be considered before selecting your helmet. From varieties of different models available on the market you should choose the best suitable one for you.

Check your ride every time before a travel: Inspect your bicycle carefully before starting a new trip. Everything has wear and tear issues. Any malfunction on the bicycle’s mechanical system can be disturbing and even worse, on the middle of a trip or during emergency small defects can turn out major problems. Before going out on a ride you should always check your tyres, air pressure, tyre threads, brakes, paddles, chain and gears so that it doesn’t slip.  Inspect for any rusting in the frame as they can be dangerous while you ride.

Use cycling gloves: Gloves designed for cycling are a very good practice to use. Some has this idea that gloves are not needed at all, but it has uses also. The gloves are helpful for firm grip and also for protection during a crash. According to Greg, not only during the crash, regular biking with bare fingers can also make our palm’s skin dry and rough. He also writes about various Racquetball Gloves in his blog. Different model gloves have their own specialty. Gloves with gel padded palms are comfortable and better to use. You can find varieties of gloves on the market.

Use bike lights at night time: Along with your visibility clothing you should use light at both ends of your bike to travel at night time. Use maximum possible measures to be seen by others on the road. Usually we have a tendency not to emphasize on bicycle lights. But to make others see you easily lights are the easy option. Nowadays different attractive models of lights are available. Along with safety lights are also helpful to travel at nights.

Use cycle bell: Cycling is one of the most silent modes of transportation. As bicycles are non-motorized it has nearly no sound making mechanism. Cycle bells are the only way to alert your surrounding people. On busy area full of pedestrians, area with children it becomes your responsibility to let others know that you are coming through.

Use reflective stickers: Reflective stickers can be used as an additional safety measure for bicycles. Even though lights are the best option to be seen at night, but reflectors will work as an added safety precaution when headlight of passerby vehicles will fall on it. Reflectors are usually very low priced and needs no maintenance at all. Simply cleaning or dusting your bicycle makes your reflectors glow properly. You can use reflectors at the back end, front, on the paddles, around the wheel rims of your bicycle.

You cannot compromise safety while raiding your bike. Whether you consider about easy mobility, parking space issues or physical exercise bicycle raiding is becoming popular day by day among the busy city dwellers. Along with our modern transportation system bicycle riding is considerably growing as a major part of the road users. When you are riding your bicycle you should always keep on mind about staying safe and help others to see you. Be alert while you are riding, remind other riders also to be safe on the road.