Top Six Bike Rack Organizer Brands on the Market

If you are looking for a great bike rack organizer then this is a great article to read and follow. Whether you are an individual or a company looking to have a bike rack on the premises, this article will help. There are many types of bike rack organizers available. They include: the bike parking racks, the wall mount bike rack, the architectural bike racks,the U-style bike rack, the double decker bike rack and the wave bike racks.

And while there are also great bike rack organizers, there are also great brands that have the experience and know-how for creating a great bike rack organizer and have done so for many years. These brands include: Racor, Yakima, Allen, Swagman, Thule and Hollywood Racks. When it comes to bike racks, these names are highly recognized by experts in this field, for consistently producing the best bike rack organizers on the market.

If you are an individual or a cycling team who needs a personal bike rack organizer, then you may also want or need a shoe rack organizer that will help you in training, while keeping your cycling shoes in order. Often times a team of cyclists, such as those training for the Olympics or some other event, will have their shoe rack organizer near their bike rack organizer for easy access when going for a ride during training.

The brands that are best known for the bike rack organizers are: Racor, Yakima, Allen, Swagman, Thule and Hollywood Racks.


Long known for being one of the best brands for freestanding bike stands, double folding bike stands and the double folding bike racks, the Racor brand consistently gets 8’s and 9’s out of a 10 for reviews from consumers. It has been a champion in the bike stand industry and shows the durability of its bike stand products year in and year out.


While this is the most expensive of all the bike rack organizers picks, the Yakima brand offers the best construction and bike quality of them all. It is highly recognized by experts as the bike stand organizer of superior quality and well worth the higher price tag. The Yakima design offers the consumer 4 bike capacity with a bike mounting ability that is easier than other bike rack organizers on the market.


The Allen brand is one that is recognized as giving you the best deal for your money. The brand is budget friendly and accommodates a wide variety of bikes. The solid welded structure is corrosive free and offers quick assembly.


This is one of the more popular bike rack organizers on the market. While it offers steel construction, there is a mixed opinion amongst consumers about the sturdiness of the Swagman bike rack organizers. The Swagman bike rack organizers can easily accommodate a tandem bike and are easy to load.


Listed by experts as one of the strongest, safest and best engineered bike rack organizers of all time, the Thule offers the consumer a lot for consideration. Offering cages that do not sway, the bike rack organizer is easy to independently mount. The Thule brand has long been trusted by experts and consumers alike as one of the best on the market today.

Hollywood Racks

This bike rack organizer is made for the beginner bike rider who does not ride his bike often. It is modestly priced and considered the entry level bike rack organizer by experts. It weighs less than ten pounds, extremely light and attaches easily to a car with a capacity for carrying up to 2 bikes. It also folds for easy storage.

As with any products, make sure and do your homework. And while there are certainly other great brands for the bike rack organizer, these listed should remain on your short list for purchase. Your bike rack organizer should be sturdy, durable, and consistent with your budget and have to ability to accommodate a variety of bikes. Also, look for consistent ratings and reviews from consumers that will help you in making a sound decision for which bike rack organizer works best for you.