Top 5 Bicycle Speakers Brands

Cycling can be one of the best ways to drop of some fat while keeping fit, it is one of those activities that do not incur huge expenses and can be done practically at any place in the world. When going for long rides it may come as a disadvantage especially if you do not have entertainment while on the go. With bicycle speakers you get to enjoy your favorite radio program, music or take calls. Bicycle speaker brands come in a wide variety with some being compatible with many devices. You could connect your speaker with your phone to listen directly to your list of music or receive calls. Top quality bicycle speakers are review on SoundMoz . They are one of the best reviewers on for Speaker, Headphone, soundbar and many more. They also come in handy when you are covering a wide area and need to communicate with some of your team mates when participating in sports. All in all they add a big value to cycling as you get to entertain and keep in touch with people while cycling, but ensure you keep it at a good volume so as not to disrupt your fellow cyclists. Let’s get down to listing the top five bicycle speaker brands.

Celtic Blu System

If you want a device that will almost work with everything then this is your speaker. The Celtic Blu System is versatile and carries many advantages with it. Firstly, it has a high-powered battery that lasts for more than a day giving you unlimited access to music without fear that your battery level will get low. Additionally, it comes with a power bank that ensures your phone is juiced up along the way. It also has a wide connectivity radius for Bluetooth connectivity and is also capable of tuning into your local radio stations.

Clearon Premium

When using such devices we tend to seek out the most simple to use. Well, this speaker is easy to connect with Bluetooth and is highly portable which suits whatever place you choose to venture in. In addition to having a rich sound it also connects easily to your local radio channels, has a remote control system and a micro sd card slot which ensures that you get to listen to a wide variety of music not in your phone.

Upper 4.0

With this speaker you get to choose the position your speaker will be on which aids in emanating sound from the exact point you want it to come from. You can place it on the hand bars which will be close to your hands which enable you to honk when you are passing pedestrians. It comes with a money-back guarantee that lasts for thirty days and requires no tools to set it up on your bike.

Naztech Cycle

This bicycle speaker brand pairs easily with your phone and you can also stream music. Moreover, it comes as a lightweight and can be submerged for up to thirty minutes without getting damaged. It has a good grip due to the rubber covering and has an aluminum foil for protection.

Zealot S1

Last but certainly not the least; we have the Zealot S1 which has an amplifier whose performance will blow your mind. It has a protective silicone cover that ensures no moisture, debris or shocks affect its performance. It comes in a wide array of colors, can be used as a power bank and also comes with a new feature that incorporates integrated light with three power modes.