10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Review And Ultimate Guide


Best Mountain Bike HelmetFor every bike riders, the best part of their cycling career is experiencing the challenges coming in their ways. Whether the riders are professional or not they would like adventurous activities and would like to ride bicycle especially in rough trails, uneven tracks and off-roads. However, while riders are embracing challenges, at first they have to make sure of their safety. Taking precautionary moves, the most important part is to make secure of their head and neck. By protecting their head, they can avoid unexpected head injuries and can save their valuable life.

In order to secure your head from an accident, you have to wear bike helmet. This helmet will save your head not only form an accident but also scorching heat of the sun and rain. But buying a good helmet is not a piece of cake,because there are a wide variety of collections of helmet in market. If you don’t have an idea about perfect helmet for mountain bike or road bike, you will not able to buy the best and perfect one that will serve your purpose. Therefore, we made a list of top 10 mountain bike helmet according to their quality and price. From there, you will make out the best helmet, which goes with your choice.

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Comparison Chart

This is a light-ventilated helmet. Aramid filaments highlight The EPS. It is designed in such a way that it covers the maximum areas of the head especially the back of the head. Its well-equipped materials ensure durability and excellent resistance. It has Aerodynamic ventilation channel with having 16 vent slots. These vents protect you from sweating in hot summer season. It’s a nice choice for a biker, for it has size-adjustable features and comfortable fit system. Again, it must be noticed that this POC Trabec is not like a traditional bike helmet rather much like a skate helmet. This Trabec is available in a combination of two colors,and this color combination givesit an attractive look. Both adults and young can use this for its multi sizing option.

Features At A Glance:

⇒Size adjustable opportunity for comfortable ride
⇒Reinforced EPS liner and PC shell for least moisture
⇒Aramid fiber materials used for increased security plus stability
⇒Not like a traditional Bike Helmet
⇒Covered more area including back of the head

This is called combo helmet because you are getting everything in a package. You have high quality gloves and goggles with this helmet. It is loaded with plenty of features like removable and washable machine liner, fully vented 3 point sun visor and drawstring carrying bag. This full shell helmet is preferable for the bike riders because of handy features and multi sizing options. If you are looking for a perfect helmet for long or off road ridings, you can try this ATV helmet. The combo pack of this bike with high quality components in an affordable price may not frustrate you.

Features At A Glance:
⇒Have four different sizing units including small medium large and X large.
⇒Weight is 3 lbs, not an adult helmet
⇒Glove and Goggles will be provided in adjustable size with the helmet.


This is half shell helmet and highly preferable for all trail riders and sportsmen. It provides less coverage than a traditional cross-country helmet. It’s EPS liner that allows making a light helmet, more durability and better ventilation system. The full rap polycarbonate shell will protect you from the constant sweating and give you much comfort. The Roc Loc 5 works superb and offers one-handed easy adjustments and the vertical adjustment.These features help a rider to adjust easily. The 21 vents are provided here with wind tunnel ventilation that will keep you cool in a hot summer day. Again, the 17 wind tunnel vents work well with internal channeling ventilation providing extra comfort for the riders.

Features At A Glance :
⇒High level performance for all mountain raiders
⇒Polycarbonate Shell is full wrapped with EPS Liner
⇒Roc Loc 5 Perfect Fit
⇒Vents are 17 winds Tunnels


Considering its features and price, the Smith Aspect is an ideal helmet for all riders. It is boasted off some superior features like 14 vents, mold construction and adjustable climate control system.
It has 14 vents, and it is the key fact of the helmet because it helps to flow decent winds. The adjustable climate control is another great element of this bike that allows flowing air gently and keeps you cool in all season. But you have to know how to use it. If it is hot summer day, keep the vents open and it is winter, you need to close the vents. It has different sizes and wide ranges of colors. The colors are attractive, so you can choose what you like. Adjustable fits are required to have comfort, so select a perfect one that suits you.

Features At A Glance:
⇒Have adjustable dial fit system
⇒Removable goggle lock
⇒Have different sizes and they are small, medium and large.
⇒Ear pads are Snapfit SL


Are you looking for an ideal mountain helmet? Look at this IXS RS Mountain Helmet. This helmet is a combination of high quality features and some great innovations.  It is lightweight and sturdier that increases protection around the head. The Aeration system of 22 large vents and internal channels are used to keep you cool. These tools are with advanced technology.  This helmet has full in-mould coverage that will help to absorb the sweat and decrease the weight.  The visor also adds quick release mechanism to avoid damage if you have an accident.  As it is lightweight, you can pedal in all day without getting hurt or tired. Available color is black, blue, green, red and white.


⇒Full in-mould coverage for optimized impact absorption
Adjustable MX style visor with full visual field and crash release system
⇒Ergonomic dual-compound head ring with dial adjuster for instant fitting
⇒Strap system is adjustable Y-Clip with ratcheting safety closure


Last year, Mavic Notch was launched in market and got much praise from customers. What does a rider actually want from a helmet? Obviously the answer will be comfort and long time durability.  Okay, this helmet features polystyrene materials, adjustable vents, Ergo Hold Retention Certifications and lifetime cycling warranty. This helmet is made for meeting up the expectations of both aggressive trail bikers and sports competitors. The full in-mould shell adds for increasing more protection and assuring much comfort.  It has 18 vents with sophisticated visor that features will certainly keep you chill during any season by allowing decent air flow through the helmet. It has four different colors, and color combination of every helmet is much attractive. The plenty of sizing option is available for choosing most fitted bike helmet for you.

Features At A Glance:
⇒Used polystyrene Materials
⇒Got Ergo Hold Retention Certificate
⇒Adult Mountain Helmet
⇒Notch pads are for maximum comfort


Bell is making mountain helmet over 60 years, and overall they are successful enough over the years.  Now Bell has come up with a new helmet which is Bell Super Helmet. This is mainly designed considering the demands of the both mountain trail riders and enduro competitors. Usually a rider wants a helmet which has more coverage, comfortable and flexible visor systems and adjustable goggles, and this Bell Super covers all of these. The pads are for securing your protection and comfort. On the other hand,Speed Dial Fit System is used for Retention System. The ventilation of this helmet is also superb. It has 25 vents, but always the number of the vents is not everything. Bell Super covers with bigger vents and four air points to flow the air.

Features At A Glance:

⇒Have three different sizes.

⇒Speed Dial Fit with comfortable Ventilation

⇒Have Goggle Guide Adjustable Visor


Bell sequence is another half sell mountain bike helmet.  Bell sequence helmet is worn by many world champion cyclists. This helmet is playing a vital role by protecting many sportsperson over the year. It is boasted with top quality components and features. The Bell Helmet is usable for trailer riders, all XC mountain biking. It secures your protection with in-mould construction and expands coverage around the core. It has big twenty vents and internal channels which remain you cool when the temperature is up to the level. Another feature is included, a painted VPV 15 degree adjustable visor in addition of style. A twin Axis Gear fits into system to ensure snug and comfortable fitting.


⇒Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit for a snug free and comfortable fit
⇒Visor is adjustable and VPV 15-degree
⇒20 big vents with internal channels
⇒Have Twin Axis Gear shortly called as TAG


Schwinn Thrasher Helmet has twenty-one integrated flow vents that keep rider cool all the time. And moisture-wicking pads keep riders’ head dry, and adjustable webbing ensures a comfortable fit. The visor, which is built-in, provides more shade during riding. This half shell helmet is strong and durable. You don’t need to think about your safety issue. This product is available in only one color that is black. You can adjust its design if you wish because it has dual adjustable design.


⇒Twenty-One integrated flows for keeping riders chill.
⇒Fit for the head size 22’’ 7/8 – 24 cm.
⇒Dial fits adjustable system add more ease.
⇒Mountain Bike Helmet with fit adjustable design.

Troy Lee helmet is designed with gimmicky technologies, and it assures protecting your head. They fully cover the head without hurting you and crave away spots to go through air. Troy lee also ads 16 separate vents to move air in and out of helmets. All it is required to do some adjustments to keep it tight to your head. It has poly-carbonate shell over the EPS foam. There is a synthetic liner with Cool Max pads which assist in moisture management
Troy Lee is available in plenty of colors. You can adjust your size because it has three sizes. The existing sizes are XS or S, M or L and XL or XXL.

Features At A Glance:
⇒Polycarbonate shell material
⇒Product Dimension is 15 x 10 x 9 inches 1.9 pounds
⇒Cam lock is required stabilizer Fit adjustment
⇒You can use it in Mountain as well as cross country helmet


Types of Mountain Helmet

Just like bikes and other bike’s accessories, there are different kinds of bikes helmet. Considering categories, bike’s helmet can be categorized in three types and these are following; one is half shell mountain helmet, another is full shell mountain helmet and the last one is road bike helmet. As we are talking about mountain helmet, we’ll give short description about half and full shell mountain helmet. So you are requested to read the description given below:

Half Shell Mountain Helmet

A half shell mountain helmet that covers about more than half of the head where as a full shell helmet covers entire head. The removable visor protects your eyes from sun and mud. The half shell helmets are usually worn with sunglasses, but nowadays a vast number of people prefer goggles than the traditional sunglasses. New addition in mountain helmet has back and side coverage which is perfect for the aggressive riders.  The benefit of this half shell is that you have more vents and it’s not covering your full face. So you feel comfortable when you are going for nay long distance ride.

Full Shell Mountain Helmet

Full shell helmets are almost quite similar to the half shell mountain helmets but these helmets do not have any visor or enlarged rear coverage. It covers your full face where hall shell covers only core of the head. It has more protection more than other helmets do. The coverage and durability take a backseat to lightweight and ventilation, and these are the main priorities in full shell helmet design. However, half shell has more ventilation while full shell increases your protection.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Helmet


First thing before buying a helmet, it is worth while considering the comfort of putting on the helmet. If you don’t feel comfortable after wearing a helmet, you won’t be able to ride freely in long riding or any trails. You have to wear such a helmet that should be lightweight. The open foam of wicking fabric pads covered in moisture to pad between the hard polystyrene foam and the rider’s head. The quality, thickness and coverage of these pads play a crucial role in the comfort of a helmet. Those which have well mapped-out padding that covers all of the contact points between the polystyrene and the head are the most comfortable helmet I can say.


A well ventilation helmet is considered as a comfortable helmet. The size and shape of the vents is likely more important than having more ventilation in numbers. Sometimes it is seemed that the poorest ventilated helmet has more vents in helmet. So, it is important how it is made in terms of shape and size, and you feel comfortable while riding in the heat of the sun.


Before buying a helmet, you have to consider the weight it possessed. There are 10 ounces to 27 ounces weight of helmets. You can choose which one fits you. The lighter helmet you have, the more comfort you feel. So try to pick lighter helmet according to your size.


Honestly, the durability is not a major fact in the measurement of crash resistance but it measures how long you can use and wear it. All the helmets we reviewed in the above are durable. Sometimes, durability of helmets also assures some kind protection guarantee, because normally the helmets are durable which have stronger profile. The stronger helmets which have outer shells, wrap fully around the lower edge of the flimsy polystyrene.


The mountain bike helmets are necessary specially when you are ready for mountain trails riding or long distance ride. After all, it makes sure of your safety and these helmets are stylish, having adjustable opportunity. It never hampers your riding. Rather it adds more fun and protects you from an accident. So don’t forget to wear a mountain helmet before going to a ride.