Best Hybrid Bikes For Men 2017 Review And Buying Guide

In this article we will show the Best Hybrid Bikes For Men. This review will help you to pick the best bike from Amazon!

Are you searching for a bike to use for your exercise, daily commute, or maybe an occasional group ride? A fitness hybrid or performance is probably the right choice for you. A hybrid bike is a bike that can be used for a standard road and mountain hiking, taking the best of both bikes to create a bike that can be used comfortably on all surfaces and terrains.

Top 5 Best Hybrid Bikes for Men

There are many great hybrid bikes on the market that make narrowing down our list not so easy. We considered all the questions you might have, and most importantly, we tried to balance all the factors.  Till now I found  first position( ).

1. Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bicycle (700C Wheels)

Specific Features:

If you take pleasure in exploring the city, Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels) is your perfect fit; it is a high-quality bike that can survive harsh conditions and rough terrain. It has a lot of quality and features that make it exceptional, and it is also affordable. You won’t have to be concerned about exhausting yourself when going on long distance rides. The Swept-back upright handlebar and the padded saddle support the ergonomic structure of the bike which reduces muscle strains. It also comes with a light frame made with aluminum materials.


  • It is affordable
  • It has a Pull linear brake levers.
  • The upright seat makes it comfortable
  • High-quality bike parts that are sturdy and reliable


  • The fender is plastic
  • The hybrid bike manual is general

2. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Shimano Disc Brakes

Specific Features:

Vilano is known for manufacturing durable, and quality bikes that serve all purpose and Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike is not an exception. It is one of the best road bikes available; it is capable of serving you as both the countryside and commuter bike. Are you just about to start cycling? It is easy to ride for beginners, and it is cheaper than it’s the bikes that are on the same level. It has Shimano EF 51 brake lever which produces accurate gear changes.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is strong and durable
  • It is well suited for a tall rider
  • The cyclist has more control over the bike


  • The massive frame can be at a disadvantage to small riders.
  • Derailleur on both tires can make it difficult to pick up speed when cycling

3. Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

Specific Features:

Do you want a high quality and versatile hybrid bike? Then Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle is for you, with the luxury of various functionality and modern components.  It is designed to take the form of a classic swinger; this bike has advanced 7-speed shifters and premium rim brakes. Made to offer comfort, longevity, and safety, the Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike is everything you can ever want in a hybrid bike. It has the form, beauty, and function. It will deliver significant benefits to you despite being affordable. Most basically, you will be happy that you purchase the bike because you would have invested in a high-quality product and a fair amount.


  • It has a built-in rack
  • It works in all conditions
  • The accessories are easy to purchase
  • High quality and it is a great value for the price


  • It is too heavy for many cyclists
  • The bike could be difficult to assemble

4. Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men’s Hybrid Bike

Specific Features:

Schwinn Network 3.0 700C is the ideal bike for the city. The hybrid bike is nimble and speedy that could be fun for your weekend trail romps. It has a suspension fork and Schwinn aluminum Hybrid frame for a comfortable and smooth ride. You don’t need to worry about speed; it has Shimano 21 rear derailleur and Shimano EZ- shifter Fire for fast gear shifting. The wheels are durable and lightweight with quick release front wheel. If you also want a bike that is comfortable, services all your needs and duration, Schwinn Network 3.0 700c is the way to go.


  • It has a quick release front tire
  • It has an affordable price tag
  • It is sharp, clean, and style bike
  • It is durable, and it lasts longer than most hybrid bikes


  • It has no fenders
  • It requires adjustments after purchase

5. Northwoods Springdale Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c

Specific Features:

Do you want an all-around durable, flexible, and reliable bike? Then you should consider Northwoods Springdale 21-Speed Hybrid Bike. You can use the bike for both long distance cycling and leisure or exercise. The 21 speeds make it easy to shift between gears as the case may be through different terrains. You will find this bike perfect for commuting because it has a rear rack and also fenders that protect you from splash that ensure a smooth ride to your destination. This bike is versatile that even though you change your location, you won’t need to buy another bike because it is an all weather bike.


  • Made with High-quality components
  • Bike is adjustable up and down the hills
  • Quick response brake for immediate stopping
  • Comfortable and maintain a safe posture when riding


  • The weight is too heavy for some riders

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Hybrid Bikes for Men

There are some criteria you have to put in mind when getting a hybrid bike. There are several things to consider, from the size of the bicycle to its geometry.


The tires on your bike are as important as ever when it comes to riding; it makes a simple but significant difference to your bike. Most hybrids come with a 700cc wheelbase and tire regardless of the size of the bike rim. The 700cc tires are designed to ride on small bumps pavements, cracks in the road and without you noticing, and it also makes it easier accelerate.


Gears are not created equal so selecting the best gearing on your bike is very important. Most hybrid modern bikes come with many gears, from 15 down to 30, you don’t need to bother with the number of gears on the hybrid bike if you only use it for commuting.  But if you want it for going long distances or touring, then you might have to be detailed about the gear.


It doesn’t matter how fast you go; there will be a problem if you can’t quickly and safely stop the bike. Most hybrid bikes come with the linear braking system that fit against the wheel below the tire. Linear brakes are good for most situations, but the disc brakes are better because it gives you more control over the bike and also useful in muddy and wet conditions.


Size matters when getting a bicycle; make sure you get the right size for you because it could be uncomfortable and convenient to ride when you get the wrong size. Bikes that are too small bike will be uncomfortable whereas the big ones will be wobbly. It is easy to choose the right size just to be sure, stand in the middle of the frame and your feet on both sides of the frame.


When talking about geometry, you speak of the angles at which the tubes that make up bike’s frame meet. Changing the degrees of the angles means changing the ways the bike handles going up and down hills and cutting corners. The more vertical the tube connecting the handlebars to the wheel and front fork, the more quickly the bike will turn.

Conclusion Of Best Hybrid Bikes For Men

They are many advantages that come with getting one of the best hybrid bikes for men. You can save more money when you get the right bike and wouldn’t need to keep changing bikes like cloth. And will spend less on accessories when you get the best bike. It is advisable to thoroughly go through the review to pick the bike that best suits your needs.

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