5 best flat pedal mountain bike shoes

It is essential for one to get the most out of his or her mountain bike. This can be achieved by investing in a high quality pair of flat pedal mountain bike shoes. The shoes help one to improve on both, adding a level of safety to the feet and overall ride techniques. These bike shoes are vital to both experienced and inexperienced bikers. When it comes to cycling bike shoes, the following are the best types;

Giro Jacket Shoe

The Giro Jacket Shoe is designed for men and takes after a casual sports shoe. The shoes are stylish and very efficient on the trail. The shoe comes with special features; it has an excellent poron heel pad and an EVA cushioning inside. The poron heel pad absorbs the shock of any rough landing, reduces the discomfort and pains the biker experiences. The shoe outsoles have a mega grip that can latch on any ground. Most people, however, do not know that these shoes are used for riding. Another critical feature this shoe possesses is an exceptional grip zone made explicitly for flat pedals and kept the rider’s foot in a better position for a supreme ride.

Men’s Free rider Contact Bike Shoe

This bike shoe from the Five Ten is multipurpose and can be used for all types of mountain bikes. The shoes have a unique feature, a rubber coating throughout made of stealth Mi6. The material keeps your feet free from any form of harm as it is durable. One cannot injure the toes in case of an accident as there is added protection around the toe. Also, the shoes have a detachable insole to add comfort. To give the rider a better position for power and performance, the shoe’s midsole is firm. The outsole is made in such a manner that it keeps contact with the pedals. These features make the shoe a great option for most riders.

Giro Rumble VR MTB Shoes

For the riders who love fancy shoes, this is the best option; the shoe is well polished and classy. If the rider is after versatility, make sure you purchase these shoes. The shoe is multipurpose as it is also designed to be used on clip fewer pedals. The outsole is made of Vibram rubber. This Vibram rubber adds more grip to the shoe. The stroking performance is significantly improved as it the shoe is moderately firm. This vital feature also enables one to walk easily up a trail. The footbed is manufactured from EVA to add more comfort. The shoe also possesses protected non-slip laces to give it a decent look.

Mavic Cross ride Elite

The crossrider elite is designed for riders looking for pro features of exceptional performance without the pressure of racing. Energy transfer, protection, stability and pedaling power are some of the aspects present in this shoe. The shoe is also powerfully designed with the current technology to help you achieve the best from your performance. The shoe has a stiff plate to aid in efficiently transferring rider’s power to the feet for greater pedal explosiveness. The energy grip trail out sole produces a dependable clutch on the

pedal, both on the trail and on the road. The shoe out-sole is also fitted with a contagrip coating to enhance grip to its maximum regardless of where the bike is ridden.

SIDI Dominator 7

The Dominator series lives up to its name, and it dominates almost any terraces the bicycle can encounter. The shoe is robust and can transform a cyclist from being a beginner to becoming a legend. The shoe is flexible as the rider can adjust it to their own riding preferences. The Dominator 7 is one of the most popular shoes to cyclists since its inception. The shoe is fitted with microfibre to deliver stability, resistance, transpirability, and lightness. The shoe is eco-friendly thus making it beneficial to both user and the environment. Also, the shoe is designed to be water repellent in order to keep your feet dry.

Selecting one of the above shoes will significantly help you achieve a memorable cycling experience.