Ten Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes For Beginners|Reviews And Purchasing Guide


Today, Bike has become one of the vast sources of sports, leisure and exercise. So, many people, especially the young generations are getting keen to buy bikes or mountain bikes. But the popularity of mountain bikes is going higher for its qualities and vast amenities. Now, only thinking of customer’s interest, manufacture companies are providing a vast number of entry level mountain bikes. These bikes are simple and not owned complicated components. That’s why the newer bikers easily can deal with it. But whenever you go the market to buy this kind of bike, you may be puzzled, seeing the variety of mountain bikes. Again if you are non-expert or immature on this side, it will be extremely difficult to pick up the best quality bike. Therefore, we have made a review based on vast research and come up with a well-versed list of top 10 entry level mountain bikes, and definitely going through our reviews a customer can choose the best one according to their needs and purposes.


If you’re looking for the benefits of great 29-inch wheels and also want to save something in the bank, the Big Mountain 24 is the bike for you. This is reliable hard-tail mountain bike. The Mountain hard-tail bike from SE Bikes is constructed with a double butted alloy steel frame which is lightweight, durable and much affordable. We check out this power value package with 4-speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifters. And   HL 595SAMS 29 with 100mm travel fork guarantee you comfortable ride along the way. You will get best performance from the high quality brakes which can perform quickly and powerfully in all conditions of all tracks and terrains. Its 29-inch monster wheels help you to overcome all obstacles in your way. This bike is available in only black color.


Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike

The Paratrooper, which offers Montague, is one of the best folding mountain bikes. It can be said that this isone kind of military material. The Paratrooper offers advanced function with 24-speed gear and mechanical disc brakes in both front and gear. Most advantages of this bike are its durability and load bearing capabilities.

The Paratrooper frame is designed with a patented folding system. This design doesn’t require breaking the frame in order to fold the bike. Moreover, it doesn’t take more than 20 seconds in order to fold it. It makes not only folding easier but also it makes this bike stronger folding bike in the market. The Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) is based around frame construction concepts designed for serious full suspension downhill bikes. This Paratrooper bike is available in Matte Cammy Green color. It has 26-inch wheel, which is standard size for all.


Schwinn GTX 2.0 700c Men’s Dual 18 Bike

Schwinn GTX will ensure you an enjoyable and comfortable riding on the way. This is a multi sport hybrid bike and one of the best bikes for comfortable riding. The price of this bike is really reasonable for all and especially for the entry-level bikers. Schwinn aluminum has dual sport frame with Schwinn suspension fork which offers you flexible riding. Shimano 24-speed trigger shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for precise gear shifting option. Front and rear disc brake gives you extra gearing opportunity. Schwinn alloy crank offers optional gearing option. And 26-inch Alloy wheels with Schwinn multi use tires so that you can use whether it on or off road.


Diamondback Axis Comp Hard Tail Complete Bike

This is another Hard-Tail mountain bike. It’s constructed with 6061 aluminum alloy frame which makes it more light and strong. Its 27.5-inch wheels and Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires allow you nimble and comfortable ride. With a 4-inch Rock Shox XC 30 4″ travel fork, the Diamondback Bicycle 2015 Axis Comp is a great bike for any single track. And 20 speeds will accelerate you in kind of situation or trails. The Avid DB1 hydraulic brake guarantees you efficient braking control along the way. This Diamond Bicycle 2015 is available in three colors. So pick up any color as your wish. Moreover, it is also available in different size like small (16’’), medium (18’’), large (20’’) and extra large (22’’)


Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Bike

Diamond Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes of Sorrento series. This bike is awesome for the entry-level bikers because you will get different kinds of sizes of frame (14’’ 16’’ 18’’ 20’’ 22’’). The aluminum alloy butted frame makes it lightweight and strong. This DB 6061-T6 aluminum frame has replaceable hanger option. A 60mm suspension travel fork with an alloy crown assures you smooth and contented ride. This Seven speed drive train with SRAM triggers shifters that are ideal for the growing gear-head. This bike has the 32h Diamondback XC260 double wall alloy rims that assurance a stable, safe and relaxed ride on rough paths and trails alike.


Diamondback Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike

Roaming around city and getting out on the weekends for some fresh air has not been so easy. The Laurito is designed with a step-through aluminum frame so you can get on and off the bike easily. Just gather up the your cyclist and start pedaling. The frame is made with heat-treated aluminum for hassle free durability with eyelets. So you can easily mount a rack and fenders. Multi-surface tires on 27.5” wheels can roll smoothly on both paths snow and dirt. The Trail XC suspension fork soaks up the harsh bumps so that you can just cruise along in blissful comfort. And with 21 gears, you’ll be able to ride the Laurito all day if you want. You have only blue edition of this bike. And available size is small and medium.


GMC Yukon Fat Bike

GMC Yukon Fat Bike is simply a different design bike. Its shape is different and its tires are little fat. That’s why its name has set to GMC Yukon Fat Bike. This bike is built with aluminum alloy frame. Tires are 26” x 4” wide tires on 4” wide aloyrims which is unique features of this bike. You will feel comfortable during driving whether snow or dust. A Shimano Revo 7 speed shifter, Tourney rear derailleur as well as an extensive range Shimano 14-34 cassette provide you plenty of gear options no matter how uneven your trails are. Anyone, 5’6” to 6’ will fit for the bike.


Diamondback 2016 Calico Women’s Dual Bike

Diamond bicycle Calico Women’s Dual Sport Bike is one of the best entry level bikes for the women. If you buy an off road bike or community bike, you can’t cover all the surfaces like rough or uneven. But this mountain bike with hybrid geometry and 700 inch wheel is able to overcome any obstacles come to its way, especially for the women riders. This bike is designed with some special features and shape that evidently favor women. For Example, The frame is built with aluminum which is 6061-T6 dual sport. Apart from these features, mechanical disc brakes enable your capability of safe stopping at any situations you face. Drivetrain is from Shimano and Shimano EF-51 easy fire with 7 speeds shifters will always help you boost speed and maintain gear in different surfaces, and 32h Weinmann SL-7 Double wall rims that are laced to SL-7 Alloy hubs ensure a comfortable relaxing and riding.


Here is another entry level bike Schwinn whose name is Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike, available only in red color. This bike’s frame is made from alloy aluminum added forgiving steel rear triangle. The suspension from Suntour can soak up all bumps and shocks beat from the uneven lands. Brakes are in front which mechanical disc brakes rescue you form any unexpected accident (what does this sentence mean?). Gearing option is good because it has Shimano Altus 24-speed with Shimano EF-50 Trigger Shifters. So, you have many options using different gears in different conditions as you need. Rims and wheels are top class; alloy high profile rims and bladed spokes help you to drive smoothly on any surface. You will get MTB handlebar and Schwinn 4 bolt head stem.


Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike

Nashbar Single-speed Mountain Bike is new comer of mountain bikes’ world. This single speed bike is constructed with some new features and innovations. Frame is made from aluminum which is lighter than typical steel. It also provides plenty of strength on the body parts and guarantee of long lasting period. It has a choromly fork in front that provides smooth and comfortable riding opportunity by absorbing vibrations Coming from the surfaces. The brakes are enormously reliable and have excellent stopping power; they are from Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes. The wheels are 29-inch which is the biggest size of the wheels. With a set of WTB nano sports tires, it assures you to beat any obstacles whether the surface is duty or rough. You can blast of your ride in mountains or any off roads with smooth gears, speedy derailleur and shifters.


Things to consider before buying best entry level mountain bikes


Before buying a bike, the first and foremost factor to think about is the purpose of the bike. Different bicycles are designed for different purposes and it is obvious that you know why you are choosing an entry-level bike. For leisure and pastimes, you can settle it for a simple design that produces with suspension forks on both the front and the rear wheels. On the other hand, mountain sports bikes are much lighter in weight and come with more simple designs and some extra advantages.

Frame Design

Generally, Bike’s frames are made from steel, aluminum and alloy aluminum. All of them have different advantages and features. Though steel is little heavy, it is strong and durable. Aluminum and alloy aluminum are quite same. Its advantageous is that it’s both lightweight and durable. So you should decide yourself what kind of frame you would choose before buying.

The Suspension

After choosing the frame, you should look at the suspension. There are two types of suspension. One is hardtail and another is full suspension.
Hardtail mountain bike has the suspension only in the front wheel. This front suspension helps reduce the force affecting your hand and your arm while you are driving. It also improves control when you go on rough ground. We prefer Hardtail mountain bike when you want a cheaper and lighter mountain bike and ride it on a less rough terrain. On the other hand, full suspension mountain bike has both wheels suspended. Though it comes at little bit higher cost and weight, it will improve control, reduce exhaustion and provide much more secure for the riders.


The next one is to consider the brake system that is one of the most important issues in the field of safety. The faster you want to ride, the more careful you need to test out your brake. Nowadays, there are two types of brake:

Rim Brake is traditional type of bike. Though its price is cheap, you only have to change the pads if they wear out.It does not have much stopping power, and especially less in wet or muddy conditions, it doesn’t work as effective as the Disc brake (ambiguous sentence). But the Disc Brake has some benefits like the pads usually now do not grip onto the rim but they grip onto the disc and connect with wheel hub. We can tell that this type of brake is far better than rim brake. Because Disc brake has more stopping power and is more effective in all conditions.

The Gear

The final part you need to concern about the gears. Obviously, gears what makes mountain bike different from other normal bike. Gears offer a number of speeds for bikers to adjust to suit different terrain in different situations. Normally, the number of speed offered by gears is the result of the number of front chain rings multiplied by the number of sprocket on the rear hub. For the entry-level biker, usually the gear offers 24 speeds, with 3 front chain rings and 8 rear sprockets. On the other hand, common mountain bike, the gear offers 27 speeds with 3 front chain rings and 9 rear sprockets are used.

Wheel Size

Generally wheel sizes are 24’’ 26’’ 27.5’’ and 29 inch. 24 Inch for the kids and its price is cheaper than others. 26 inch is one of the most popular sizes and easy to speed up. 27.5 inch is better than others. It’s lighter than 29 inch and more efficient to overcome obstacles than 26-inch wheels. This is an ideal size for both tall and little short rides. 29-inch is mainly for the tall riders. It can roll over any obstacles during riding in kind of terrains. So look before you leap!


After observing all features, the last thing is to consider your budget. And it is the most important part of your choosing. Most of the time it determines what kind of bike you will ride. But always don’t think only about budget. If you want to get some extra advantages, you need to spare extra money. In the above we discussed about the price of different bikes and features. So, before making the final decision, it would be wise to compare the prices of products among the manufacturers. We hope you will get the best one within your limited budget. Good luck!

Try a Test Drive

Before making your final decision, it is always a good idea to give a couple of bike’s test drives. Just like when you buy a car, a test drive gives you an experience of the ride. Again, testing a couple of times will help you make the perfect decision as far as the comfort of the bike is concerned. So can try it!

Final Verdict

There are several entry-level bikes in the market. We made a short list of it and tried to list the best ones. All of them have different advantageous, features and designs. According to their quality they come up with different prices. A systematic research is essential for determination, which is the best suiting bike for your desire. But I can assure you if you spend a little bit of money, you will get something extra from there.