Top 7 Bike Headlights Brands And Buying Guide

We all love adventure, but adventure goes hand in hand with speed. Therefore, having a clear vision for an adventurous night-ride improves your overall safety and that of your bike. Hence, in enhancing your vision, super-quality headlights are inevitable. Unfortunately, most of the headlights in the markets today are not entirely efficient, they are perfect for the daytime, but very inappropriate in the night and fog seasons.

About 30 percent of the total road accidents today, have been associated with adverse weather conditions. Therefore, in accordance, it is advisable to acquire brighter and more efficient headlights for your bike before going for a night-ride or in the foggy seasons as this will improve your overall safety.

Luckily, our lifestyle has become much better with the advancement and invention of new technology. Initially, lighting sources used electricity as their source of energy. However, with the inventiveness, more efficient lighting sources have been introduced. The fascinating discovery of bulbs inspired many, and thus many more lighting sources flocked the markets, with halogen bulbs, CFL, and incandescent tubes being among the most popular and efficient lighting source in our markets today.

While buying head lights for your bike, you might want to consider;

– The types of Bike Lights depending on the type of your riding,

– Brightness and the quality of the light beam,

– Features and patterns of the head lights,

– Portability and mounting styles,

– Battery types and life,

– Best Bike Light Brands in the markets.

Top 7 Bike Headlights Brands in the Market:

  • Bright Eyes 1600 Rechargeable Headlight. These particular headlights are known for their versatility, brightness, and unique features. They can last for 26 hours on average, offer the rider a helmet or ultimate headband flexibility of mounting and come with a 1-year warranty. They are relatively inexpensive and hence the best lights you can acquire.
  • Cycle Torch 500 Road Rechargeable Bike Headlight. This bike headlight is most suitable for urban riding as it doesn’t have a broad light beam for off-road use. It comes with a replaceable internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery, a spare battery and also a handlebar mounting bracket. They have a 1-year warranty and can last for approximately 15 hours.
  • Revtronic 1600 Lumens Bike Light. This headlight has a 4 Cree XP-G2 LEDs that glows a brilliant white light in a broad pattern offering a rider an expansive vision. Again, the light output is regulated to last for 12.8 hours on the average and is easy to mount on the handlebars.
  • TeamObsidian USB Rechargeable LED Headlight. It has an appealing and impressive solid feel from its rugged aluminum casing that is also waterproof and lasts for about 4 hours on the average.
  • NiteRider PRO 1800 Mountain Bike Light. The NiteRider is mainly meant for off-road use and offers a brighter light than the ordinary motorcycle or car headlight. It has an easy to read fuel gauge; hence there’s no need to worry about it going off on your way.
  • Cygolite TridenX 1300 MTB Bike Light. These headlights are quite powerful; you could probably use them for a car headlight. They are of high quality and last for 3.5 hours on average. The headlight is simple to mount on your handlebars.
  • Ugoe Ultra Powerful 4500 Lumens Rechargeable Bike Light. These particulars headlights are so powerful that you can’t use their full light while riding as this would blind other road users. They come with a 1-year warranty and can last for approximately 8 hours.

Besides, bike lights aren’t just for lighting your way; they minimize your chances of colliding with a car and therefore, while this may seem to be too obvious to you, finding the right style and type of head light will be quite inevitable. Moreover, a rechargeable bike light with a broad, bright beam and a handlebar mount remains the best bet for urban riding.