Review Of BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike


If you are habituated with traditional aluminum bike or looking for something different, you can watch out this BEIOU BOCBM05A Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike. This bike is a perfect combination of high quality features and top quality materials.

This is a versatile bike and you can use it for many reasons like trail riding, off road riding or sporty events. With carbon fiber frame material which is better than aluminum, it’s durable and lightweight. The suspension you will get is front and rear complete suspension. To know its full specification and qualities, you can read out our review. We always try to deliver our best as per customer needs.    

Full Technical Details At A Glance

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Top features of Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

This is a complete mountain bike, and this bike comes with top class features like carbon fiber body and full suspension fork. Here, we are giving full description of all top features. So just relax and read.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Just like most of the bikes, this mountain bike’s frame doesn’t make of traditional steel or aluminum. Here, a new material is used which is carbon fiber. By using carbon fiber, frame becomes lighter than ever and stronger. Most importantly, this carbon fiber makes the bike more durable and comfortable.

In addition, seat-post is also made from carbon fiber. Normally, after long distance riding, we feel uncomfortable, but this carbon fiber seat post solves this problem.

Full Suspension Forks and Efficient Gears

There are two types of suspension. One is hardtail, and another is full suspension. According to experts, the full suspension is better one. This full suspension is capable of absorbing shocks from front and rear sides. So, you won’t feel bad when you are going to ride through uneven or rocky surfaces.

Again, the gears are more efficient. 27 speeds system helps to speed up your bike. It is more capable of accelerating speed than 24 speeds system.

Excellent Hydraulic Brakes

Just like frame and gears, brakes are also top class and better quality. You can ask why brakes are well? It has hydraulic disc Shimano M355 brakes on both wheels. So, these brakes are promising safety to every rider.  Especially, a speed fanatic rider always wants to ride in a speedy mode, so it helps you to stop your bike instant. Again, in a sloppy surface, these brakes are mostly helpful and protect you from serious accident.

Better quality Rims, Tires and Chain

Why the quality of this bike is great?  Another reason is for top class tires. It has sixty TPI Kendra tire. These tires are perfect for trail riders as well as perfect for off-road riding. Wheels are also top class and these wheels help to roll over any surfaces.
For a comfortable riding, an efficient chain is also important, because it helps to perform well of a bike’s gears and speed system.

Price Details

When the question comes, how much it costs? Is it ideal considering its quality and features? I can recommend it’s definitely. With full suspension fork, carbon fiber body parts and other tools from Shimano make it a great bike. It’s obviously reasonable.

  1. Strong and durable frame because of carbon fiber
  2. Spectacular outlook
  3. Nice design
  4. Adjustment is easy
  5. Price is in your range
  6. Available in one color
  7. Three different body sizes
  8. Full suspension for more comfort
At this moment we did not find any Cons.If we find any cons in future then we will update here.
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Public Opinions

Honestly, I spent a lot of time to reveal a reliable and helpful customer opinion about this product. When I was searching public reviews, I was contented seeing public comments. As I can say, In Amazon where I have seen almost all of the customers rated it positive except few negative comments. So if you consider the customer opinions, it will get the full marks.

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Final Verdict

This BEIOU Complete MTB is undoubtedly a high performance bicycle. You will definitely enjoy most challenging rides through rough trails and rocky mountain paths. At last I can recommend this bike if you are looking for versatile and functional bike. Don’t hesitate; you can try it for a test drive. For your kind information, this BEIOU MTB has already earned a lot of praises from the customers and has taken a healthy position in market. If you want to get more affordable mountain bikes information then click here.