Balance Bikes vs. Scooters: Which One is Best For Kids?

Teaching kids how to ride bicycles is not an easy job. However, with the right tools, children can learn a lot faster. The kids balance bike and scooter are commonly used to train children, and they help to reduce the learning curve significantly. So which of the two should you use to teach your kids how to ride bikes? Let’s find out.

Kids Balance Bikes

Kids balance bikes are designed to resemble normal bicycles closely. The key difference is the lack of pedals. Instead, the user has to push the bike using the feet. The same mechanism is used to stop the bikes, and this is why they don’t usually come with brakes.

These bicycles are great for teaching kids how to ride bikes since they only have two wheels. For this reason, the child will quickly learn how to balance their body weight while in motion. Once the kid pushes the bike, they scoot for some distance.

Another notable advantage of these bikes as training tools is the fact that the kids feet will always be close to the ground. This inspires confidence in the child, and they will be able to train better and with very little effort from your end. It is important to ensure that the kid’s feet can firmly get on the ground if they need to stop.

Pros of the Kids Balance Bikes:

They can be used by kids as young as 18 months. That said, some kids will have to wait till they turn two before they can use these bikes.

They teach kids how to balance on two wheels.

Kids will be ready to ride normal bikes within two or three years.

They are highly safe as they can be stopped easily using the feet.


Like balance bikes, scooters are typically designed with two wheels. As mentioned before, that will help the kid learn how to balance and take corners easily once they get on normal bikes. In fact, scooters are commonly used to ‘wean’ kids out of tricycles. These also don’t have pedals, and this helps to keep the kid focused on balancing Special Scooter for kids.

Scooters can be used by any child who uses training wheels. They are quite safe since one foot is always close to the ground and can stop the scooter if the need arises. As the kid starts using the scooter, one foot will almost always be in contact with the ground. Over time, they will learn how to balance their body weight and will be able to move some distance with both feet on the scooter.

Pros of the Scooter

Since the kid will be standing, it is harder to stumble and fall. They can easily get off the scooter.

It is great at helping kids learn how to balance.

Once the kids gain speed, you can install brakes to help them get used to braking on actual bicycles.

Final Verdict

The balance bike is designed more like a bike and will naturally get the child used to normal bicycles. However, if the child has already been on training wheels, scooters are best for teaching them how to balance. This is because they feel more confident in the fact that they can jump off the scooter at any time and some times kids like go carts for playing .