Do you know Why Your Toddler’s First Bike Should be a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are sometimes referred to as run bikes. They are training bicycles which aid children in learning, balance, and steering. A balance bike has no pedals or training wheels. Both kids and their parents need to undergo lessons on how to ride a bike. There are several reasons why a balance bike should be the first bike for your toddler.

1. Riding the First-bike bike ensures the safety of the kid. Stopping a balance bike is very easy. All that the kid needs to do is to drag their feet to slow down the bike and come to a quick and easy stop. The saddle of the run bike is set low to enable the rider comfortably reach the floor with their feet in a crouching position. The toddler is therefore in control. The parents do not have to worry about their toddlers falling off the bicycle or losing balance.

2. Running to ride a balance bicycle promotes the health of the toddler. It is known that engaging in outdoor activities and increased exercise leads to a healthier lifestyle and the improvement of the overall health. If your child plays outdoor games more so in the early stages, it is more likely that they will have a healthy life in their later years.

3. Families can use balance bikes with one or several kids. Most of them are wooden. This factor implies that there is no need of purchasing a bike that is specially made for boys or girls. Wooden balance bikes are good at helping to develop the child’s primary motor skills because they are easy to learn.

4. Run bikes can be ridden even by the kids who are very young. Balance bikes are appropriate for the children who are between one to five years. Even the kids who are below the age of two years can learn the basics of a bike balance when riding run bikes. With the primary motor skills, the young children are able to use a traditional bike as soon as possible. The child can learn how to keep their control and balance at a young age. The balance bike keeps the child attention focused on the pedaling instead of holding the bike steady and maintaining balance.

5. Balance bikes can also be useful for children with disabilities. Illnesses such as dyspraxia affect the movement of the child. A child affected with such an ailment could find it difficult to ride the traditional bicycles. However, the balance bicycles are of great help to the children that are suffering from dyspraxia. They make the moving process simple. Using the bike is also a lot of fun to them because the run bikes give them the confidence and  balance they need.

6. Another reason why balance bikes should be the first for your toddler is that they can be used in all seasons. Most of the traditional bikes cannot be used during winter time. Running bikes are different because they are sizeable and can be ridden by the kids even inside the house.

7. Balance bikes are usually not heavy for the toddler. Most types of balance bikes are made from unique materials such as steel. The weight factor makes it possible for the kid to use the balance bike without the supervision of an adult. The toddler can also learn to get up from the ground whenever they fall with the running bike. The aspect of weight is significant in this case.

8. The versatility of the balance bike makes them an excellent choice for most parents. Unlike the traditional bicycles, running bikes come with several tire options most of which are inflatable. Kids can, therefore, learn to use these bikes on any surfaces even on those that have gravel, sand or dirt. This factor makes it possible for the balance bike to be used in camping, at the park or any other recreational center that one can think of.

Buying a balance bike for your toddler is a decision that you will never regret. The many benefits these unique toy offers are evident. They help children grow up beautifully and happily.