7 Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is one of the easiest and most accessible ways for people to integrate more exercise into their routines.

Whether you’re cycling in a class, cheered on by an instructor, riding through a simulated landscape on a machine at the gym, or simply using a fold-up indoor bike at home, indoor cycling is a key way to keep your head clear, heart healthy and your muscles limber.

Burn More Calories

If you want to cut a few extra calories every day, or make up for that extra glass of wine after work, it’s easy to add just a few minutes of indoor cycling to your schedule.

Even if you’re busy, indoor cycling is one of the easiest workouts to fit in. One of the best benefits of a stationary bike is the ease of multitasking, such as doing work or taking phone calls while you’re burning calories.

Clear Your Mind

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, but did you know that exercise can also help clear the mind? Paying attention to your breath as you take on steeper inclines and higher resistance on a bike will allow you to improve your focus, resilience and resolve — both in physical and emotional situations.

Gain More Muscle

By selecting a setting of higher resistance, an indoor bicycle can be your muscle-gaining tool of choice. To gain more muscle through cycling, make sure to set the bike to a resistance level that challenges you and slows down your pace, and keep your workout at a high intensity, for a shorter period of time. This will allow fast-twitch muscle fibers in your quadriceps to develop a better capacity for bigger bursts of energy.

As an added benefit, these exercises will also tone the muscle. Plus, muscle in the body burns more calories than fat, so as you gain muscle, your body’s metabolism will be revved.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

There’s not just one way to work on your cardio through cycling. The more simple way, known as LISS or Low Intensity Steady State cardio, involves working out at a slow, steady pace for a longer period of time. This type of cardio is known for best burning fat without much strain on the body.

Bump Up Your Stamina

On the flip side, HIIT — also known as High Intensity Interval Training — is an excellent way to both build more sprinting muscle while improving cardiovascular health. It’s just what it sounds like: short bursts of intense training, followed by brief “off” intervals during which you’ll recover by cycling slowly or pausing.

Build Up Your Core

A strong core is key to a happy body and good health, and indoor cycling, which involves balance and coordination, can be key to building a healthy set of abdominals. To engage these muscles even more, resulting in better definition and stability, try tensing the abs while you cycle.

Get Happy

Didn’t your parents ever tell you to “take a walk?” They were right. Exercise of all kinds can release endorphins, or the feel-good chemicals your body naturally makes, for a real leg up on the competition.