Review Of 29″ Mongoose XR PRO Mountain Bike


Having an excellent mountain bike is always a big advantage for an enthusiastic rider. If you are looking for a good mountain bike with having superior quality and maximum comfort, you can look at this Mongoose XR PRO Mountain BikeThis bike is possessed with SR Suntour cranks, full aluminum frame providing highest performance and dual suspension for a comfortable riding. If you see its features, you can easily define its quality. Read out the full review to know all information and ideas; I have tried to provide you with the best possible information on this product.


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Features of The 29″ Mongoose XR PRO Mountain Bike

As I said in the above, this bike has some great features. Let’s check out its features with some details.

Full Aluminum Frame

At first, check out its frame! It’s fully alloy aluminum. It’s both lightweight and sturdy.This helps to maximize performance by giving enough control on your bike. As you will find this bike too much lightweight, you never be worried of controlling this bike whether it is on plain or rough surfaces.

Dual Suspension for Better Performance

Do you think about the differences of full suspension and hardtail mountain bike? The hardtail mountain bike has suspension only in front.On the other hand, full suspension mountain bike has suspension in both front and rear.
Obviously you never like to face something uncomfortable like shocks or bumps. So you can rely on this SR Suntour suspension fork because it offers a smooth and comfortable ride by eliminating all kinds of uncomfortable obstacles.

Excellent gearings

From a better quality mountain bike, you always want to ride in a speedy mode and breeze over a though mountain trails .To fulfill your bike, this Mongoose XR-PRO comes with SRAM SX4 trigger shifters. These shifters are for comfortable gearing and enjoyable riding. Again, 24 speeds provide great opportunity to set up your speed with different surfaces. SR Sontour cranks are added to boost up its performance by offering wide range of gearings. If you want to enjoy a hassle free journey, you can rely on ER-PRO bike’s gears. They are excellent and more efficient.

Excellent Disc Brakes

Brakes are quite important factor of a mountain bike because it assures your safety. The brakes of this Mongoose are reliable. They are designed for assuring safety, and you will be able to stop it immediately if it is necessary.

Classic Alloy Rims and wheels

This bike has top class alloy rims that are very much lightweight. These rims are perfectly matched with tires. It enhances the capability of the bike.
Apart from it, the bigger 29 inch wheels are for turn over any kinds of objects. Overall appearance of this quite nice and high quality features will definitely upgrade your class.

Price Details

After seeing its features, normally you may query about its price. But it is not easy to make decision on price because you have to consider overall bike’s quality. You may think it’s overpriced but if you look back to its feature, you definitely will understand why price is little bit high.

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  1. Solid and sturdy frame
  2. Lightweight and easy to control
  3. Appealing appearance
  4. Usable for sports, mountain trails or daily off-on road riding
  5. Components are easy to replace and upgrade
  6. Affordable price by considering its quality
  7. Parts are easy to assemble
  8. Adjustable for all riders
  1. Rear suspension is almost like a spring not effective enough
  2. Disc brakes are flimsy but you can replace it

Customer Opinions

A reliable and authentic customer review is always helpful to a new buyer. And this is very important to make a decision, because a customer tends to believe in another customer’s opinion more than a seller’s opinion. So I have tried my best to pick up most supportive review, and that’s why I spent huge amount of time to do thorough research.

I am very much glad to tell you that I was satisfied when I was reading its review. I read reviews from several websites, and everywhere people talked about its top quality components. They are satisfied with price by considering the qualities. But some people rated it negative stars and said the brakes are not satisfactory what they expected.  But overall they said Mongoose XR-PRO is good, and I hope you will like it also.

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How to Assemble

As said before in pros, it’s very much easy to assemble. It can be completed with a set of hex wrenches within a very short time though 90 percent of the parts are already installed. The steps you need to follow to assemble this MTB:

1. First you need to attach the quick release rod to the front wheel, and then install the front wheel with the fork and locked it with quick release.

2. Secondly, you have to install the handlebars and pedals.

3. Finally, upgrade the materials if it is necessary and enjoy your MTB.


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Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

1. Question: What is the frame sizes of this MTB?

Answer: This is Medium Size frame, and actual size is 17 inch.

2. Question: How much its’ shipping weight is?

Answer: Exact weight is 101 pounds.

3. Question: What is suggested age for this mountain XR-PRO bike?

Answer:  The suggested age is normally above 15. So anyone above 15 with an average height can adjust with its size.

4. Question: What kind of suspension do they provide with this bike?

Answer: This is full suspension bike, so you will enjoy the suspension in both front and rear.

Final Word

Finally, I should say this is a fantastic mountain bike by considering its appealing appearance and high quality features. Though some objections are found about inadequate brakes and pedals, Overall components are highly commendable by comparing with other bikes. You may need to spare some amount of money to upgrade some components but not to be worried it’s not much I’m saying.